History Of Lincoln, part deux

History Of Lincoln, part deux

The rocker, still called Andy, after a prolonged campaign, was duly granted the status of a Baron-hood. Essentially for no other reason than the fact that he wanted one. The City rallied round in support of the newly formed Baron and raised the funds to erect a cathedral in his honour and thus Lincoln Cathedral was built. Granted, it was built a thousand years before his birth, however the people of Lincoln are never short of foresight.

Briefly the tallest building in the world, until a minor earthquake caused the collapse of the highest spire (true) the cathedral still stands atop Lindum Hill

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  • I've been on the roof of that tall tower!

  • I know, they put a blue plaque there in your honour.

    I insisted :)

  • Perfect example of magnificent architecture.

    They must have been gutted when you chose to marry elsewhere ?? xx

  • Such foresight!

    I'm loving this history lesson. I've never managed to go inside this magnificent building as yet. Might save this for another trip down south.

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