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OFF TOPIC! Funding part 2

Hello pretty people,

Some of you may have seen my 'Funding for Headway' post. Another idea of theirs is to get in touch with ASDA and hopefully get funding through them.


In the link above you can find a community section on the right hand side once you scroll down a bit and a 'nominate' button.

Could you click and nominate Headway.

Thanks in advance,

MJ :)

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That sounds like a great idea. Our local Asda have the plastic coin scheme for charities.


Yes, the green tokens you get when you purchase. There are certain charities but Headway is not one of them, I think it is something to do with lack of awareness, or at least that's the main facter with my local Headway.

So they want us to nominate them so we can raise money for them.

A member of staff told the group today that they collect the tokens anyway and once a Headway box goes up, she will bung all the tokens in their :).


Waitrose used to have one but it was always so hard to choose which charity to nominate,felt sorry for the others.


Yeah, they used to. The member of staff who was talking to our group today mentioned Waitrose used to do one. Maybe they will do it again some time? The green tok ns at ASDA can raise up to £200 and the Waitrose one did raise up to about £1000.


I often think we're like Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men and Little Miss characters but with ABI (and everyone!) we can be ALL of them at different times. Does Headway need a fun character or three? Help explain to kids and everyone? Little cartoon strips of the things we do and can't do? Try to get far more notice for Headway = nobody (other than after ABI) has heard of it sadly. Need to get into BIG league?

And WHY is health care and social care funded separately when all related? How about GPs and NHS refer to and 'use' Headway care coz it contributes to/enables better health in every way. How much of Headway's funding comes from Social Services? Think it must be a big percentage? Must try find out.

Because Headway is picking up the pieces and filling the holes left by HUGE gaps in services = we MUST be able to access funding for the right help and if that's only (pretty much) Headway why can't WE get the help we NEED?

Macmillan nurses are so widely known-about, do they get funding from cancer drug companies or where from? Because I think (am I wrong?) that brain injury is the greatest cause of disability in Europe - don't know about world-wide why haven't WE got specialist brain injury nurses like that?

And until they (!) all get the picture of our daily lives they won't realise how much we NEED help for things nobody ever thinks about until brain injured. Got to raise Headway's profile BIG-time, in my opinion and group action on how our needs are being neglected so dramatically.


Hi Muddled,

You're right that Headway NEED to be much more advertised, well known.

GPs, doctors, nurses, they should be referring people with brain injuries to Headway but they don't, or not many of them know Headway.

I had my first two ops on my head in 96 and had ongoing ops while trying to get an education. Things seemed to settle down regarding my head from 2000. I went to college, couldn't cope with it in the end, decided to leave earlier than expected. I stayed at home then, had no intentions to get a job so I styaed home doing what I wanted for almost six years. Very boring it was too. I had a check up at my hospital in 2006/07. My mum picked up a leaflet for Headway. I got more info on the computer and a little later eventually joined. I went back to the hospital later in 2007 I think, they asked me what I was up to with myself. I said I go to Headway and they had no idea what Headway was!

Also doctors need to know more about a brain injury themself too. There are ABIs and TBIs, as you know but a lot of docs do not know what the difference is.


Thanks for the info,Matt,Just done so : )

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No problem and thanks for nominating them :).


There isn't that community section when you click on the link on a phone, will nominate when I get to a computer :-)


Ah yes, a member of staff did say that it doesn't work on mobile but it does work on iPad which is mobile. I suppose it is because a phone is not as powerful as an iPad and an iPad is not as powerful as a computer. Either that or it is down to scre n size :).

Thanks in advance for the nomination :).


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