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My hell of a life

After 14 years of recovering from head injury, iv recently been diagnosed with bipolar. My life is nearly not worth living. Its a hell everyday for me and just wish things could go back to being the way they used to. Lonely lost and afraid all the time now. Not fair

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Am I right in thinking that bipolar is what used to be called manic depression?

If i am it sounds like you need to get to the GP or contact MIND as soon as possible.

I wish you a speedy getting to grips with getting the right meds and coping strategies.

Lots of love


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bi polar is hard,with no real support,so as above please find some,no its not fair! but life can life throws things at us! its up to you to to make sure this doesnot stick!


Another thought ..... Have you moved since your bi and does your new surgery know about your bi?

Just wondering because many of us experience mood swings depending on how well we are coping on a particular day.




Hi Blues,

I spent almost six years of my life staying at home after I had finished college. Thankfully I wasn't totally alone because I had, and still have, my parents handy.

I had no intentions of getting a job and years later found I was not fit for a job anyhow. It was so boring being at home all the time and this is how I lost a lot of confidence and motivation and I was very anti-social.

I probably did have a little depression at one point, I did drink myself silly at times but that did not last very long. I didn't like those times thinking about it now.

One of the things to do to battle depression is to get outside. Walk theough the local park or around your house or something. Just spend time outside. I suppose you could even stand outside of the front door and just watch the world go by.

I recently read as well that a couple handfuls of cashew nuts will help to. Might sound silly to some people but natural foods are the best. I try to steer clear of doctors and pharmacies and the like, don't trust them.

Take care,



Matt it is good t go outside but if bluesgrooves is owt like me, having the motivation to push yourself to get out is almost impossible. Speak to your friends / parents etc to pretty much make U go out.

Easy to say when I'm in a good mood but U need to find the strength to go out with them. (It's not easy but it is important & does make a lot of difference to your mood ;o)

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Stace, I do understand that and I'm not trying to say that all blue has to do is go outside and voila, cos I had to fight to get myself out there as well.

I started out by walking around the block. It wasn't too bad because I live in a reasonably quiet area. But I didn't exactly enjoy going out, I felt out-of-place a lot of the time. As if I shouldn't have been there or something.

I still get that now.

Even now I don't get out of the house all of the time but I do get out at least one day a week for a few hours.


How long ago was you BI Matt ???


My BI occured in 1996, 19 years ago.

Things started in the second half of my first year of senior/high school.

Throughout school, I had been in and out of school and hospital. My education was practically ruined and all through school I wasn't completely confident.

I had to drop out of school a year earlier than everyone else because of my illness/BI.

About a year later I went to college. I stayed for about a year and a half.

That is when I stayed home for about six years doing next to nothing losing a heck of a lot of confidence and motivation. I was very anti social as well.

That was bedore I knew anytihng about Headway. I am so so pleased to be a part of them :).


"go back to being the way they used to" Amen. That would sure be fantastic. I'll sign on for that. Best wishes to you.


21 years ago for myself & I am bi - polar, like now I can quite happily come on here & share my experience. It's not all over at all although often feels that way - I assume you're goin through a downer. I take a mood stabilizer called lamotrogen & it does control my moods - now when I'm down, I don't feel bad, I just can't motivate myself & then for a week or two, well basically when something goes wrong I'm fine.

Don't give up, life in general is good, w e just have a lot more to cope with than a lot of people. I'm sure hearing 'there are a lot of people worse off than yourself' just doesn't help in the slightest.

It's not fair but life can still be good so don't give up !!!


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