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Trip of a life time

Jack and Sophie have been in Florida since Sunday, they were chosen to go with the charity Dream Flight, 16 kids from the North East. I havnt spoke to them which im finding hard but daily emails reassure me they are having a fantastic time. Im experiencing every emotion possible, from feeling scared letting them go to happiness for been given this opportunity. Jack and Sophie you deserve this trip and i miss them both so much xx

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Bless you x it's time for you to make sure you are getting relaxed and refreshed too. They will be having a ball and getting the very best of care. Mind you whenever my kids were away,I used to gut their rooms and scrub the house so I'm a great one to talk :)

I hope you bring back tales of exciting tales of daring done on rides and fun had elsewhere. Make sure you take some time to put up your feets :)


It must be so hard for you, and such mixed emotions. But how wonderful for the children. They will come back to you full of stories and it will be a fantastic re-union I am sure. I wish there was a similar scheme for husbands!!!


Wow, that is so exciting and wonderful for them. I am sure they are having a great time on their very exciting holiday to Florida. It is difficult for us mums not to worry when the children are away from us but sleepovers, school holidays and like yours on a Dream Flight holiday is all part of growing up and knowing that even though all miss each other while away from each other that it is good for us too in many ways. My son is a young carer but all he gets is to go too is a weekend not so far away in our own country with all the activities largely on site. I miss him dreadfully when he is away, worry will he be ok and find it hard to settle to anything but I know it is important to allow him to go for both of our benefits. Do let us know what they have to say about it when they come home. x


Great news I am sure they are having a blast (moments of missing home too). Do enjoy your holiday too have some treats and adventures of your own! you deserve it. Tell us all about it.


Oh Julie, it must be a very mixed bag of emotions you're feeling right now.

I'm sure there's no point in suggesting you enjoy the space because it's plain that you treasure every moment with Jack and Sophie.

But I'm so happy for them both. No children could be more deserving than them of such a wonderful treat, but I imagine your enjoyment will kick in when they're back with you and you can see the joy on their faces as they tell you all about their adventures in Florida.

What a heart-rending story this has been...........and still is.

Love Cat xx


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