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Will I ever learn ?

Been feeling a bit under the weather. Bit ironic as the damp weather has been causing me a bit more pain physically. Add a good bout of hay fever and catching cold from somewhere ( ?) and it left me feeling a little sorry for myself and a little out of it.

Thankfully my meds are on a nomad system so I knew I didnt have to worry over dosage. Having a banging headache with a cold I had a couple of beechams. Ok it may have been a few.

Result headcold cleared but replaced with being soaced out and a little more confused. Then one hell of a headache.

How did I forget about them containing paraceetomol ? If this was not enough it was followed by a very stern talking to by my partner and kids.

Yep did I feel great after that lot. I kniw they were more worried than angry. I usually make my own hot lemon brew ( minus any paracetomol ) but didnt have the lemons or the inclination to make any.

In my defence I wasnt exactly thinking straight. So let this be a warning to others,dont add any additional meds when not fully thinking.

Thankfully no (more) damage done. Will I learn ......probably not . Oh and feeling a lot better now....cold even seems better.


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As a one-off it shouldn't be a problem Pax but it does show how easily we lose concentration (already so poor) with the added distraction of feeling unwell.

I've done the same with 'Night-Nurse', treating it as a sort of cough-syrup and taking codeine & Paracetamol as well. But no harm done either.

Glad to hear you're feeling much better ! xx


I done it mistakenly, Having one of my confusion days I somehow took 3 times my usual dose of Pregabalin. Result slept for 16 hours solid. Woke up and felt like a Human Being Although I won't make a habit of it


Easily done, Pax. I often look at my painkillers when I have a spell of heads and wonder - now, did I already take that Naproxen? It's a bit of a killer, when you have limits on the meds but you can't remember what you have had, and what you haven't - especially when the clearest sign that you have taken something (i.e. that the pain goes away) doesn't seem to want to present itself!

Glad there was no harm done. Can't give you any super tips and hints though with this as I struggle with it myself at times.


Chose a nomad system some years ago. Believe it or not I was forgeting some meds and getting in a right mess. Then one day I must have been in even more pain than normal and went seriously over my pain meds and passed out.

Decided then to opt for a nomad. I had tried making my own version but kept forgeting to refill it.

Still dont know why I took the cold relief as I never take them. Well I suppose we live and learn........just got to try and remember.

I dont fancy being the result of tbis mix up again.....lets just say my body rid itself of all liquid and solids.

I have now placed large stickers over the boxes warning me not to take. A bit extreme maybe but if it works who cares.

Thanks for replies Pax


Oh, Paxo, naughty ! Glad you're okay and have proactively taken steps to prevent in future : )

Does this mean that your painkillers are all in with your other meds ? I wasn't aware that they did this as the people I look after have only the main meds in a dose box and painkillers are separate. I do know that the original Beecham's powders contain aspirin and I find these better than paracetomol for me.

Of course, we should all write down what dosage and when with free range painkillers but hardly ever manage that myself !

At the mo, being as it is funghi season I am currently on brown preventer inhaler , spaced 12 hourly. Of course I can never remember when I last took it as the times vary according to when the asthma starts to bother me and reminds me to take it !

So I have been erring on the side of caution and had some great late night/early morning gaspy hang outs of the bedroom window while waiting for the delayed dose to take effect ( usually 2 hours ! )

Luckily for me there are no essential meds that I need to be on ( declined spasticity meds on grounds of side effects ) and the asthma eventually speaks up when I forget !

If only I could 'prevent' by using it at the right times ! When I go walking each day , if I see shrooms I kick their heads off in an attempt to stop them sporing ! I'm sure I must look like the local madwoman, hunting about in the fields and kicking at the grass here and there !

Take care and maybe try a vitamin C/ Zinc combo for colds, to boost immune system,

Angela x


Basic painkiler meds are in with other meds. When taken I write time on pod so I know when I can take additional painkillers if needed.

Now painkillers are a controled med I have to order extra when needed.Bit extra messing about but can understand them being controled.

Gets a bit monotonous but it keeps me going so cant complain.

Take vitamin suppliments to boost immune system as I know mine is very low.

As to making the mistake again, I hope to have stopped it happening again. Only time will tell.

Pax x


I tend to get any over the counter meds form the same pharmacy as dispenses all my other meds and ask what is sutable given my control and pain relief meds.

Incidentally be careful with herbal or natural remedies as they can also react really badly with prescription meds. Despite them being very effective in a lot of case as I say they canr eally badly effect prescriprtion meds.


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