Hi my names anthony, I'm 21 years old. I was assaulted may 2013 and suffered several types of skull fractures causing me too loose hearing both sides, balance problem and of course a TBI. I only recently began having information on my TBI and have only just started rehabilitation. Anyway, I always get Migranes but I've noticed them a lot more and they're getting really painful again (like they used to be). I think it's because of the cold weather but I also have recently lost a family member so have been stressed, emotional,drained. Does anyone have the same problems with migraines and would it be more due to the cold weather or stress ?

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  • Hi Anthony and welcome.

    Yes stress is a big factor in migraines. BUPA do online fact sheets and have one on migraines.

    If you can try keeping a diary of what you have been doing/eating and when the migraine strikes.



  • I don't find cold weather affects me but heat and high pressure sysyems can. And yes being stressed, especially emotional stress, is a recipe for cooking one up - usually as the stress finishes the migraine kicks in.

    And welcome to the site!

  • Thankyou :)

  • Hi Anthony, before my ABI my migraines were caused by stress and tiredness.

    Now, I no longer, luckily, have migraines with pain but I get what was described as pressure headaches, no pain, of migrainous origin😕. They can happen at any time, no trigger identified. But I'm better in a warmer high pressure weather situation.

    I treat them with paracetamol, and if they are stubborn I take a co- codamol, even though I was advised that anyone having suffered as I had from encephalitis should avoid codeine. I do only take one very rarely as I find the plain paracetamol and rest eventually does the trick.

    So, not much help really, all the GP could advise was trying to identify triggere and drink less tea and coffee, the usual really.

    It may just be trial and error 'til you find what works for you.

    Take care Janet x

  • Okay then, thank you :)

  • Interestingly, I also get severe headaches these days. I've had migraines since my TBI 35 years ago, but now I don't get them as often as I used to. Instead I've been getting the headaches for the last 10 years or so, though I still also get migraines sometimes.

    In my case they both seem to be caused by a drop in atmospheric pressure. I used to be able to say that it was going to get much colder the day after tomorrow as that was a trigger for the migraines. So they're usually worse in the changeover times of the seasons, particularly in Spring.

    Tea and coffee make no difference to me, except that I won't drink a coffee if I can feel a headache or migraine coming on, as that will make it worse. Caffeine is definitely not a trigger for my headaches or migraine though.

    Co-codamol always worked for me, but I found it made me feel very depressed the day after, so now I mainly use paracetamol, which usually works if I take it at the right time (not too early or too late). If it's really bad, like you I use one co-codamol and one paracetamol.

    What happened to you Anthony sounds awful. Best wishes for more improvements in the future,


  • Hi Rob

    Good old atmospheric pressure........ I used to get really debilitating "thunder headaches" when a thunderstorm was brewing. The only relief was when the storm broke.

    Since my bi and taking hydration seriously they have become a mere annoyance.



  • Hi thanks for the reply, 'astmopheric pressure' has come up a couple of times. It's interesting and helpful to learn what's going on as I always think the worst :)

  • Hi, thank you. I'll give the co-cocodamal a try as I've not tried it before. Thanks again, hope you're headaches/Migranes become more bare able.

  • I have the same as you.

    Lisa85 x

  • Hi Lisa, bad day for me today, the air pressure dropped like a stone yesterday then is climbing rapidly today, have to sit this out I think xxxxx Janet

  • Welcome indeed Anthony,if you want to try something more natrual try placing amerthist chyrstal on youre head and relaxing,sorry to read of youre recent loss,and added stress xxx

  • Hi, thank you. I'll have a look into that because I don't want to always rely on tablets. Thanks for your condolences

  • Hi Anthony. Migraines have a direct link with stress for me. Coincidentally, I had a stressful day yesterday and guess what, I had a migraine during the night and the headache is still lingering now.

    I take Co-codamol, unless the sickness prevents it, in which case I have to just wait it out in a dark room 'til the sickness subsides.

    My mum suffered for half her life with severe migraine/sickness and had definite warning signs (visual disturbances). She was eventually prescribed a drug which, if taken when the warning symptoms started, prevented the migraine attack completely.

    If you have the warning signs, you might want to see your GP about available meds. Otherwise it's pain killers I'm afraid but, depending on your GP, you could be prescribed a more effective pain killer than the over the counter ones.

    Good luck Anthony.........................and I'm really sorry to hear about the assault. Cat x

  • Hi, I'll definitely look into that, thank you. And thanks for you condolences.

  • Hi Anthony, I agree with everyone stress and cold weather doesn't help with migraines. I always suffer sever ones when I'm cold or stressed.

    Good luck and hope to see and hear from you on here again.

    Lisa85 xx

  • Hi! I get two different type of migraines since the head injury. The first is when you feel like your is in a vice and going to implode - for this I haven't yet found a tablet that works. But I regularly get pain that builds up as heat and pins/needles where my scar is, then shoots flash pains to my eye, then feels like a million needles being shot from my scar to my right eye and straight across the head. This one feels more like a fire without the heat and your head feels like it's going to explode rather than implode. If you get this type then Gabapentin might be your answer. Ax

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