Last week, I had a phone call from these dudes.

The first thing they say is not to worry but it has no affect what they say, I was still worried.

Anyway, they asked me a bunch of questions about my benefits, I think they said it was to make sure I was getting the right amount payed.

The thing is though, is it really necessary?

Is it necessary to be asking personal questions as well? Is it on a need-to-know basis? The answer my friends is, No.

I don't want people I don't even know delving into my life wanting to know some ins and outs about myself. Wanting to know if I get payed the correct amount and stuff like that.

I am a simple person with a simple life and I prefer to live my life in a simple way.

Now, I get benefits because I am disabled. That's all they need to know. I know there are people who cheat the system and get benefits when they are nowhere near entitled to them, but I am, so there :).

And on there letters, they say they must pay you said benefit by law. If your money stacks up to £6000, or whatever it is, they will take £1 away from what they pay you.

So you could be getting £100 a week. Your total amount of money reaches £6000, they then pay you £99 a week.

It works like that until you reach £6200 and then £6400 and so on, the pounds keep coming off from what they pay you.

So what if you decided to keep all your money in the bank and eventually, DWP kept taking pounds away from what they pay you until they payed you nothing at all?

They would then be breaking the law!

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i sugset you ring them back,that doesnot sound right matt,i hope i donot cause you offence,but technichlly you are a vunberable adult,so check back with them yourself,just to be sure

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Yes, they should have all details on file of your condition and whether it's likely to change or improve.

But all agencies are under pressure from this Nazi government to cut services and benefits wherever possible and, as one of DWP's clients you're always a potential target.

However, this will be a routine check which they can cross off their list of thousands of calls to claimants. If they find one here and there who are not entitled, it will have been a day well spent for that particular officer.

You know what your entitlement is and that your medical circumstances haven't changed so there's no need for concern.

And the invasion of privacy is part of the benefit's system I'm afraid, caused by both mistakes and benefit fraud.

Take care Matt, xxx


It's an invasion of your privacy, I wouldve hung up.

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