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I hate the DWP

Hi all,

As the title reads, I hate the DWP. I love the fact that they help lots of people out with needed money but I can't stand how finicky they can be.

Example: Blue badge application forms.

The bottom lin is, I was eligible for the blue badge since 1996 when I was 12!

Due to (in basic terms, an A-hole of a father) I have been without the blue badge for years.

I am 32 now and I spoke to my dad about the BB and was pretty strict and said I need one and he has actually done something about it, which is excellent news.

But because time has passed and the forms have changed every now and then, he doesn't/didn't have to fill in a lot in the terms of forms. If the BB applicant gets the higher rate mobility of DLA, then they automatically qualify for BB. So 22 questions are then unanswered.

All that had to be done was add photocopies of proof of ID and proof of DLA and so on. We did that and sent off the forms last Friday.

Now, here is why I don't like the finicky DWP.

Today I got a letter about the BB. They sent the forms back because there wasn't information. The DLA photocopy stating that I was on the higher rate mobility and also said my disability was indefinite I sent as proof was not enough for them. They wanted an up to date photocopy and the one I sent was from 2014.

Where my 2014 photocopy said my disability was INDEFINITE, you would think that would be enough proof. It's now 2016, my disability hasn't changed since then and likely won't ever change.

Can't believe how finicky they can be over something so stupid.

Well I will send an UP TO DATE photocopy of my DLA form but it will say the same exact thing, it will just be UP TO DATE.

So basically they are just wasting a whole lot of time, and trees (further paper for envelope) just because they, the DWP, are being uptight bastards.

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Matt I had the same issue when my blue badge had to be renewed. I went to the local council offices because local authorities deal with BB these days and when I began to have a mini meltdown trying to get them to understand that the DWP don't send out regular letters to "indefinite award" holders they got a manager and she phoned the DWP and got confirmation my indefinite claim was current over the phone and this was followed by a letter stating current indefinite entitlement which was dated the same day. Apparently if I don't have anything current when the renewal becomes due I will have to do the same thing again. Its a pain in the bum. Hope you have it sorted soon.


Yes, imagine how all our public services could be financially bolstered by the massive savings from cutting out the endless/unnecessary red tape we face everywhere.

My GP sent an urgent electronic referral to Salford Hospital for me .......................very labour saving & efficient (you might think). Two months later I receive a letter asking me to select a date/time for an assessment for that appointment and return the form.

I phoned as I didn't understand what the assessment involved and was told (after waiting 10 minutes in a queue listening to an operator telling me I'm 4th....3rd......2nd......in line) that the assessment would be carried out without me and I'd be notified by letter of the outcome. So I chose a date and time and completed the form online.

When I receive their reply, I can use the 'Choose and Book' online appointment service to finally make my appointment !!!

What a senseless palaver ! My GP clearly stated the reasons why I need to be seen ; a simple written reply with time & date would have sufficed.

It's like the old joke, 'How many people does it take to change a light bulb'.

:x :o :-(


Matt I Have A Blue Badge ID And Other Information Is Very Important With Detail's Of Your Benefits Of D.L.A Which Is Now Called PIP And If You Have Any Other Disabled Benefits On Top You Should Not Have Any Problems With Getting A Blue Badge It Might Help Next Time Asking Someone From Headway To Help You With The Forms Or Ask Your GP Doctor They Might Also Help You Worth Asking And Get Medical Letter From Your GP Doctor I Did Get Medical Back Up Letter's Which Help Me With Blue Badge And I Have Had Mine Since 2005 Good Luck Matt

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Hi Colin,

I've got no problems filling in the forms, my dad has filled in the details they want from me and as I have added proof of DLA, the rest of the form didn't have to be touched as I automatically qualify.

I have already got in touch with Headway. Headway UK and then I was going to ask our Headway Portsmouth for further help if needed.

A lady who is the wife of one of the service users told me to get my GP to back me up with the forms and it was essential that I do that.

I told Headway UK that but they said I didn't need to.

All I need is an up to date DLA form.

My DLA form was out of date but the thing is it says my disability is indefinite.

So whether the form is in date or out of date, it doesn't matter cos the whole point is my disability is indefinite.

An up to date DLA form won't say that I now get middle or low rate because my disability has improved, because the previous form states that my disability is INDEFINITE.


It beggars belief. You should have just sent them a dictionary (So they could look up the meaning of the word 'indefinite' :) well done for getting it sorted

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Yes, a dictionary may have gone a long way haha.

My dad said that when he re-sends the forms back he might include a hand written note from him saying that we have sent an up to date DLA form now which says the exact same thing as the out of date form.

The DWP/Hampshire county council must be absolute idiots or they must like wasting further paper/chopping down trees.

The amount of paper these people waste is ridiculous.

Did you know that hemp is a better way to make paper? Hemp has a multitude of uses actually but some evil mob called "the government" have made hemp illegal.

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All the DWP is here for now regarding the Disabled is to make life as difficult as possible for the Disabled by taking every penny they can off them to ensure they can give their" Friends" the rich and powerful even more Tax cuts. This is the worst government I have ever seen,even worse than Thatcher,s who tried to destroy the working class I hate them with a passion especially that smug arrogant B****RD Osborne

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I too cannot stand the government.

I have never been into politics and don't bother listening to what MPs talk about but there is one thing I do know. They all talk out of their arse and they are only interested in lining their own pockets when they don't even need to.

The way I see it, parliament/the gov is a waste of space.

We humans are on this planet to live so their is no need for the government.

We are the only species on planet earth that pay to live. Why? That is the most moronic way of living.


What can i say? Apart from they are a bunch of petty,paperwork obssed,pen pushers,who would not tknow a disabilty if it hit them in the face with a wet fish!


The three Ps. Petty, Paperwork obsessed, Pen pushers.

Reminds me of Penguin chocolate bars, p p p pick up a penguin :).

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LOL may as well get some! yum

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