An appology

Anyone in south yorkshire area this bank holiday monday I appologise know for any rain we may have.

I am feeling well and I am planning to cut the lawn and wash the car. I am sorry about this but the garden is turning into a jungle and our little dog keeps getting lost so its got to be done.

Also I fear I will have to inform the DVLA of a change in colour of my car if it doesnt get washed soon.

I appologise again for any washed out bbqs but while I am feeling well I plan to undertake these tasks.

In the ulikllely event it is raining in the morning and sunny in the afternoon feel fre to enjoy the sun shine as the above jobs will be postponed.

To add to any excitement building of this news the postponed jobs will not be notified beforehand so dont blame me for any other rainy days.

I think I may apply for a job at the council due to this long winded notice.

In short I am feeling great so think I will tackle a couple of jobs.

As old Arnie says " I'll be back"

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Did all that yesterday & today so feeling smug now. Still not cut the hedges yet though...........hate, hate, hate that job ! :-(

Hope it stays fine for you though Paxo. xx


I was hoping to be ok down here in South Lincs but the longer your list the bigger cloud I can see forming. never mind S Yorks it should be a weather warning for Eastern England!

Remember to have cups of tea every now and then. That way you get to pace yourself - and we get the possibility of an occasional spell of sunshine!


Thanks for the warning! Mind you it is a bank holiday and it is traditional to get the occasional downpours 😜


hy Paxo well I live in south Yorkshire and its 6pm and still bright sunshine so you didn't jinx us. hope you got your jobs done and still feeling good


Well managed lawn and inside of car so that could explain the sunny afternoon.

Didnt feel so great after cutting grass. Also didnt realise how bad the inside of the car was.

Well theres always tomorrow so beware of sun bathing in the afternoon because if I feel ok the cars just got to be washed.

Hope you have enjoyed the bank holiday.


TY for the laugh paxo! Made me chuckle! Well done been a busy badger, and glad to see you got so much done! Neal


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