Move coming closer 🏠

HI EVERONE 🙌 well coming near the end of my house move... flooring down! phone calls all made!.. new bedroom furniture bought!... boxes packed!.... moving day a week tomorrow!!! Cant wait to get in no stairs to climb missed a step on stairs yesterday have pulled something at back of knee i am hobbling about, and then locked myself out last night 😀 not easy being me! It will all be worth it... i really coped with this move better than i thought... not doing a thing this weekend recharge my batteries for coming week.

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Thats great to hear that all the planning, organising and getting done and sorted is all happening in preparation for your move next week. The fall on the stairs and injury - not so good!!! Hope the day of the move goes equally well and I wish you all the best in your new home. Do give us an update when you are settled in a bit. x


Will keep you up to date.... thanks !!!! 👍x


Phew, well done for getting on top of things. It's good you have a period of breathing space between moves, if only to give that knee time to mend.

It'll be interesting to see your update on the move when you've settled in.

Take care Bette & have a pleasant weekend.

Cat xx


good luck in youre new home!


It will indeed be worth it! We moved for a short while over winter into a mobile home (yes, I know, don't ask....) and I must admit that since being back in our two-storey bricks and mortar I am surprised by the amount of energy required to go up and down stairs, and the impact on my knees is....well, suffice to say I've had to visit the GP....

So I am sure that this will be a positive step - or should that be positive 'move' - for you in more ways than one.

Congratulations on your new home and I hope you will be very happy there!


So exciting! Hope the move goes well xx


Hi muddled

Sorry to hear you have had so much bad luck... i have no other choice but to move because of my health and take the chance that all will be well... i used to work for human rights fighting for others.. homeless, unemployment, mental health, so i know how this goverment works.... i still do a bit of work round human rights i can understand the frustration you must feel ii have had problems like yours over the years... i am very passionate about human rights i feel we are all human and are all deserving of dignity and respect so i will always fight for the people on the ground i am a person who says it as it is... only the people like ourselves who have walked the walk should have the voice and those so called leaders listen they could learn a lot 👍


Good luck, hope no nasty surprises like I've had in so many moves been forced to do. Facades = they look OK but things don't WORK, leaks, sharp bits, unworkable in LOADS of ways. And never YOURS, never PRIVATE, can't do what want when want or need to eg SLEEP in the day or sculpture/music in the night.

And all the palava of meter readings, paying last bills, new gas/electricity/water/TV and net/phone on, new phone number, lose people, mail lost/not redirected. Utter CHAOS and EXTREMELY hard work as well as mega cost = on benefits = you CAN'T. But often must = debt. If can't borrow stuffed = homeless.

Housing BIG problem unless wealthy and even then need info/advice/help. None for me = blocked, can't do. Threats of bailiffs by landlord, get removed if I don't pay but he hasn't done what HE should and nobody helping me fight him. Tried to do it nice, chat, but forgot LOADS then too tired = can't do. Oh doesn't matter? FEAR keeps me paying the rent, TERRIFIED/STRESS if don't. Landlords KNOW that, nobody backing us up, on OUR side. Level playing field? Nope.

Think people think I can do more alone but too hard, I'm worse than before = CAN'T. I'm not a lawyer, can't get one and anyway the laws (as far as I can make out) are rubbish = don't protect us = protects them (landlords) more. And NO laws telling landlords must tell truth about empty walls, insulation, noise, temperature etc. Coz 'energy' rating is meaningless = what's the POINT of it?

Need feedback from previous tenants, ratings, landlords MUST obey the rules and if not we MUST get help to enforce and protection from rubbish trades-people/agents. But we can't get it, why? Coz charities are left to try to do this instead of governments when it's GOVERNMENTS who've left the holes which oh: benefit landlords and the wealthy most. Coincidence or mistake? Way too consistent. So pull the other one.


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