Here we go again! I don't know where these posts go but I never see them again!!! I'm starting to develope a complex.

I must admit to feeling I'm commiting fraud here, having read some of your stories I can't help feeling how lucky I've been. I've always been in work since my accident and indeed have run several businesses, unfortunately, once they became no challenge to me I got bored and moved on to something else and that continues to be the case even now, although I have had the same employer for the passed 14 years, my private live can seem very complicated to me at times and I can easily lose my way. I have all the side affects of TBI in varying degrees the main one being concentration. There seems to be no middle ground, I either have no interest for certain things or go over the top with whatever interests me.

Her we go again! I'm bored with this now so I'm off!

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Theres the nub of it! I tend to give up on stuff that bores and overboard on the stuff I enjoy that then completely messes up the plan so carefully put togather by my neuropsych to plan regular meals and regular 'total shutdown breaks' paying dearly for the infringement with either hours or days of total wipe-out fatigue/confusion and seizures triggered by fatigue. which then becomes vicious self defeating circle.

The forum is just about the only thing that keeps me sane, realising I'm not alone with this new 'me' and the mash up my life now is.


Hi charlyfarley I understand what you are going through I think, your not a fraud.

So yes being ok now is good and I respect that, but would not treat you as a fraud as know from own personal life how it feels.

My family were told 'I might have made a quick recovery now but in later years may start showing activities of being head injured / dementia.' Just be careful and your not a fraud.

I made a quick and then a thorough recovery, though some people treated me me very carefully, meaning would not allow me to do too much. With the private company I was with still had work there in fact now working in the laboratory.

I moved on to different areas, still in work. but did pull in the reigns a little bit. Folk did not believe I had TBI I was a fraud though being with me for sometime knew something was not quite right . Because it was the 2nd time in my life I was taught to speak spoke well though there words I had trouble with so used other words.

Then way some years later had one or two blacks out in fact looking back have had plenty but then, momentarily at first and did not realise until years later, Stories in themselves.

Then I had what seems to my partner a massive fit in bed, probably was not massive just my first to them. From then on noticed slowly creeping in things linked with a typical head injured person.

If not for the fact my partner had read thoroughly my medical reports linked with my TBI so knew what to look for but the fit was something unexpected and so back onto medication I went even though had to convince them all be it for my own research before hand.

Where I live the neighbours probably still not really sure if I did have a head injury, but do not spend hours with them despite them all be good neighbours.

It is a fact that those of us that look ok on the outside are treated like a fraud. As the saying goes 'don't judge a book by it's cover'

Just be careful and your not a fraud.

Thankful for word spell check now


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