Anyone feeling like their old selves?

I was pretty optimistic at first, I thought I'd be back to normal in no time, and I wasn't particularly devastated. Dare I say it, it was almost novel.

But I'm bored now. Time to be done now. Seriously world, stop kidding around.

There must be something I can do to make me feel like my old self again. I'm not talking emotionally, I mean physically.

Is anyone out there feeling completely better? (physically I mean)

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  • Every time I think I'm getting there something else crops up, or old problems rear up again.

    My vision gets settled then the eye starts wondering and I need more intervention. My balance goes when I get a cold or virus and it goes to pot this is just due to brain.

    This week I'm dealing with the aftermath of my daughters move, my knees are in bits. This is due to lack of cartlidge, bone on bone.

    Soon it will be winter and I know my back and neck and other things that have been broken will be flaring up terribly. That is just part and parcel of getting hurt and getting old :)

    It's very frustrating but I just have to deal with it, like everything else I suppose.

    And just to top things this week I hate my head injury, which means that mentaly I will be feeling in less positive mood and that can make you feel worse physically too :}

    I hope you are feeling better in yourself soonest!

  • Hello i am sorry to hear your having alot of difficulties, i know what you mean but try and stay positive. I know how difficult things may be for you, . I am in discomfort with my neck base of head and sit and massage it often and have pain in my right arm. But that,s life got to carry on and try and think possitive, and take pain relief of course. I do sympathize with you you and i do hope you thing's don tflare up to much, and try and maybe go back and see your G.P

  • I had a TBI, was in hospital for 6 months; can't remember 4 months of my life around the accident. Not really sure what I was like! People tell me I am not the same, not the same sense of humour, personality, ect, at all! Guess every case is different! Good luck with your quest! ;)

  • T.B.I effects people in different way's only you know, how you was before. And yes it did effect me in that way and i couldn't deal with it at first kept thinking things would get better, they did a bit but after alot of years and when i found this sight it confirmed to me i wasnt imaganing it all. I use to have mild deppression before B.T but mostly good days. And after i had a whole lot of bad day's. But when i do have good days my sense of humour comes out and you would think there's nothing wrong. You are who you are and people if they are nice except that and understand.

  • No Ben, like you I too was optimistic, it's the physical things that affect me now, I can cope with the others.

    I still wake every morning hoping today will be the day!

    I guess I realise deep down this is the new norm and maybe it will become the new norm, I just wish I could wake and not have a head that feels so weird, and walk outside and be able to look around normally without losing my balance.

    I, too, am just getting over an inner ear infection, that brings a whole new meaning to "balance problems" and I've still got the blocked sinuses etc, one of the joys of living in good old "Blighty"

    Roll on winter!! The joys to come.

    Still, sun is shining today, swimming here I come, even if that's it for the day, got to get rid of the excess weight somehow :-)

    Hope you get there before me xxxx Janet

  • As things go mine was a minor TBI and I'm quite close, though getting tired much more easly and when that happens my balance starts to go, since it's impaired.

    Mentally close though I have a much shorted fuse since I get tired more easly and find noise even more difficult than I used to.

    But for myself I'm well aware that I've had a very good outcome.

  • Yes i agree i get tired very quickly and also it really shows as well. That one of the reason's why i get frustrated because i use to worked really hard and have lots of energy. It's not just an age thing i was like that straight after my brain injury.

  • They say there are stages of mourning - when someone dies you go thru stuff like grief, despair, anger, resignation, etc to acceptance. Must be the same with our heads. I've done the anger in spades. Now I remind myself some folk cope without a limb or two, so I have to accept the hand I've been dealt (constant headache mainly). Might get better, might not. Probably best to continue believing it will get better... Good luck with your head and hope you see improvements soon!

  • Yes that's right and also when i am feeling low i know it's easy said than done some day's i think of poor children in places like Africa, and overseas ect. And also people who of terminal cancer, then we should think our lucky star's.

  • No, but people keep telling me to accept it - or one day i will accept it. I will never accept it, that is to give in I think.

  • It's very hard to except it but sometime's we cannot let it take over our life's and we have to sit back and think of adjusting in different way's. Coping is a hard thing to do, but every little step is one step closer to success. even if it's something trivial.

  • In a word Ben..........No.

    Like many others I was 100% confident I'd shrug off all obstacles in my way by sheer willpower and bloody mindedness. Failed.

    It really is about acceptance, but I sympathise, and understand how much more daunting that is for young people like yourself.

    My mum's answer to any problem was 'When you're feeling down, count your blessings'. ........ Hmm, I'll leave that with you ?? :-( xx

  • I agree with Cat, you may never feel like ur old self again. Acceptance.and figuring out ways for compensation helps. Andddd exercise. Exercise really helps

  • figuring out of way's of compensation is know means of any help. the only mean's what would have not helped is when you have been not treated fair and you find that in your medical notes years later.

  • I am not confident in the way i use to be looks wise and mind wise. Mum's do say that so does mine but yes acceptance is the key. Becuase without a bit of acceptance where would be. Think of those poor children who get ill treat and then , we think how lucky we are.

  • There have been so many times I have thought this is it I feel more like the old me ,then "boom" I have a few really off days which really peeves me off because I was just getting into feeling more me again.

    I must admit though its only in the last month that I have now began to accept what really happened and not thinking all the time that "the bastard" will rear its ugly head again with every weird and strange feelings I get .:)

  • Hi Mandy. Just wanted to say 'Hello' & hope life's being kinder to you. :-/

    Love Cat x

  • Hi Cat a big Hello back to you:) ...and glad the weather is getting slightly cooler this hot humid weather keeps my head active with weird & strange feelings...:))))x

  • Which weather ; Cypriot or Brit. ? Are you in UK because your comments are very pertinent to weather here. ? x

    Sorry Ben for hijacking your post ! x

  • I see what you mean Cat it could be mistaken for Brit weather but no Cyprus! :)x

  • Take care of yourself Mandy............... & don't lose contact. :o x

  • I know the feeling, i think the old me then boom, with the gloom. But be strong and try and think positive.

  • I'm almost there, I started going to concerts which made me feel like me, I started walking more and now I'm running again, not as fast or as far as I used to but it makes me feel like me. I sat in a horse, but have decided I won't make a habit of it just incase I fall off. Not riding or being round horses and the chronic fatigue reminds me that I'm not fully back to my old self but I'm determined to get there. Little bits at a time, it's been 11 months since my BI X

  • That's great you are going to concert's and running a little at a time, it does take time and you sound like a strong person that help's to push forward. I do hope thing's will start to look up for you.

  • perhaps you could go swimming, if you like swimming, Swimming isn't to strenuiose, and is good for your stamina, or country stroll's take in some fresh air.

  • This conversation is a bit beyond me! Had my TBI 6 years ago, was in a coma for four days, can't remember anything a month prior to, or three months post, my accident. Though paralysed down one side I had a 'recovery' that was physically fairly uncomplicated, though my family and friends suffered from my mood swings, depression, and general mental instability. Difficult to answer when anyone asks, "are you back to 'normal'". What was 'normal'? I have definitely progressed from where I was, what ever way you choose to judge that; I am still married, my memory has improved, I can now read & right, I am working! Only now, 6 1/2 years post TBI, Do I feel in control. Living a relatively controlled existence, and contributing effectively to the lives of my wife and three children, and the local community! Whether that equates to 'normality' or not I don't know, I am certainly more happy and at peace than I have been at any time post TBI. I honestly don't know what the 'real me' was. Family tell me I am not 'back'. Speech and memory problems still haunt me, but I am definitely mentally more stable, and am more contented than I have been at any time since my accident. :)

  • As I have said elsewhere on here, I am not absolutely sure what I was like; but physically I have come a very long way. Was temporarily paralysed down right side, then had trouble walking, balance was terrible. Six years on have completed a half marathon in well under 2 hours, cycled 106 miles from Stafford to Barmouth over the hilly route! OK, I was a very fit prior to the accident, but over 3 years ago I Retired on Ill Health from the Fire Service. If I could be tested again now I imagine I would be Operationally fit. I am 51. I know I still have difficulty with certain tasks, but this week I have been up trees picking Damsons and Brambly apples! I have used harnesses to secure myself and ensure I have no accidents! I have had one to many of them! ;)

    Am I completely better? Probably not, but I am IMHO in a very good place. :)

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