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Hi, I have just joined the forum, although I had the Brain haemorrhage twenty five years ago. I still struggle with my memory, concentration, vision and balance but the thing I have found the hardest is finding a job. Even though I have a lot of experience, I am still told I need the formal qualifications I didn't get because I was made to leave school after the haemorrhage.

If anyone has had similar problems I would love to hear how you worked your way around them


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Welcome, a lot of jobs do require qualifications so depending on what sort of work? Maybe could you do some qualifications now?

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Thanks for replying. Yes, I have many qualifications in beauty therapy, design,art, counselling,interior design and social care. I just don't have basic GCSEs or A levels and this is were I get stuck. With the aquired dyslexia and my poor short term memory I was told these would not be possible although that was some time ago.

With two young children now it is hard and expensive to study and I fell I have other qualifications and the lived experience. It's just a bit FRUSTATING

I will keep on trying, thanks


I have devopmentla Dyslexia, and identified early so i have/had a lot of help and thus have lots of little tricks and what nots.

did you have any help with dyslexia?

you could resit maths/english GCSE's though does rather depend on what sort of jobs your going for, I've always been dyslexic so any employer after fantastic english in a candidate was going to look else where.


I have not had any help although I do have a read and write package on my computer, I keep forgetting how to use it as memory is so bad! At the minute I work as a care assistant with people with learning disabilities and brain injuries, it can be rewarding but most of the time it is noisy,hectic and underfunded. I would like to be an art therapist. Combining my art, counselling and life experience. I have enquires but have been told firmly that you need a degree to do a post grad and so on.

The other people I have met with brain injuries have all had their exams and started their career before their injury.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


Hi i am a newby on here as well i just posted last week and instantly got support and understanding...i had anurysm in 2012 and really didnt understand what was happening to me phisically, mentaly and emotionaly..... i feel i can cope with this journey a lot better knowing i am not on my own and people on here understand... it does not feel so lonely. so from a newby too! Welcome 😀

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Hi again forgot to say its never to late to get qualifications..... i went back to adult education twice... once when i was 46... then when i was 56... i am now 61 i really enjoyed it and got qualifications.... i done this for myself just to prove...YES I COULD DO IT!!!!!


Jaec welcome, you will find there are lots of knowledgeable people here who offer good advice and support. As for getting qualifications in these Austere times I would firstly look into the cost of these courses, as I wouldn't be surprised if this horrible government charge you these days

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Hi Jaec,

First off, welcome.

I am surprised that with your relevant life and works skills and the references that you can call on that there is such an emphasis on school level qualification which are mostly irrelevant as they are very rarely based on the real world of work.

University degrees and skill are different because they are usually very focused on the field of work that you intend to follow.

Elsewhere here there has been discussion about the disabillity equality rules but tat is easier to enforce if you are already in work to force reasonable adjustments but when applying it's very easy for a prospective employer to just say "There was a more suitable candidate".

If you enjoy working with people with special needs or brain injury have you tried the private care homes or maybe private home care for one to one support in the private sector. The pay scales may not be all you would hope for but I am sure that your skills and experience in that field with social care would be far more relevant and appealing than shool age qualifications. If not then it is their loss for 'box ticking'.

Hope that this is of some help and if not help some comfort.

Kind regards


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There was never any money for training from DWP = SHAME, GOOD investment. They just offered RUBBISH little stupid courses = waste of their/our money and USELESS.

If we must do volunteering it must be SHORT and MUST lead to proper job, really should be paid bit while we train coz extra costs like buying sandwiches/food out, no time/energy to make own. And transport+.

Think WAY too many charities/companies using volunteers (and interns) as free labour.I know some do teach good skills and some lead to a job but think most don't. ?

And students get treated differently IF on 'recognised' course. Even if not actually like all the foreign students in Brighton I knew 'signed onto english language course' but actually not. And in UK students (think) don't pay council tax (even VERY wealthy ones) but people on low wages do (?) and SOME disabilities exempt but not others = is that the case?

Lists of WHO gets treated differently and why = often VERY odd as in NHS free prescriptions = thyroxine means ALL prescriptions free, how strange. And lists of WHICH illnesses/disabilities get special treatment = bizarre.

It's always (I think) worth investing in training = investing in PEOPLE. Funny:my old job (when got ABI) had certification 'investors in people' but their 'training' on offer was RUBBISH and I never got ANY.so what exactly did that accreditation mean? A box ticked and sent off then get the medal? Nonsense.

Long ago I volunteered for a charity in Brighton (maybe 1994? Can't remember name of it) and was promised if I put lots of hours in I'd build up hours of training, guaranteed. I worked several weeks LOADS both at charity (on early DOS PC) and at home,kept note of hours but oh, when time came to recoup = get MY training, choice = err, 'not available' over & over so I gave up. The carrot was a lie = deceitful and wrong.

Are other charities and employers (and DWP?) still doing this?

And getting away with it?


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