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Saw doctor this morning. Gave me the go ahead to drive again . also told me not to use the car as much and walk. I hate walking out on my own. Think l may just join the gym.

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Hi cjjaks

That's great news and I bet you are thrilled, I know i was when the DVLA re issued my licence. Have you informed the DVLA and your insurance company though because by law you have to let them know if you have had any kind of brain event. If your Doctor has ok'd you to drive then it should just be the formality of letting the DVLA know and you won't be stopped from resuming driving.

Wow well done! I eagerly opened my DVLA letter this morning to find it said it will take another 9 weeks to make a decision....and as my aneurysm was discovered after I applied back in December I am not hoping for much now.

Hope you have better luck than me on the exercise front: last time I joined a gym was not long after I first got ill, part of my 'kick up the backside and I will be fine' aka denial phase. I hooked up with a tasty young personal trainer to keep it interesting(!) and we started off with 5 mins on the treadmill at its slowest speed. By the end of 5 mins I would have been coming off the back of it like you see on You've been framed were it not for the auto-stop thingy. We tried over the next three or four weeks to increase my time by about a minute per week but I dont remember ever getting past 7. Then I had 2 seizures in 10 days- my first for 20 years ... and going to the gym was the only thing I had done differently, so I got the jitters and left!

I did try some physio at the hospital about 2 years ago but I couldnt make the pedals go round more than about twice all through the first 4 sessions. After making me walk with some hiking poles between some parallel bars, and bounce on a trampette thing, the neurophysio just looked at me and said 'it is obviously functional - go see psych'. Didn't have the heart to tell her it was psych had put me in touch with her....so that was short lived too...

I did also get a few sessions of hydrotherapy at the hospital but that proved rather fruitless, since in water the pressure of the water on your body means that not only do you not realise how much work you are doing, but your internal organs all have to work much harder as well - all of which combined with my bloody-mindedness meant that at the end of one 20 minute session I couldnt walk up the steps to get out, so had to be hoisted out of the pool and taken out to my husband waiting in the carpark in a wheelchair by a porter. I was so mortified I never went back!!

Never could stand all this keep-fit rubbish.....!

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mala wrote: neurophysio just looked at me and said 'it is obviously functional - go see psych'. Didn't have the heart to tell her it was psych had put me in touch with her...

Yup: that's ABI for us, no box to put us in. But neuros MUST see/know. So cruel. It sounds like they often do for others but not for all. And in past even MORE said to be psych, probably in future, way things are going, I think = more brain/medical knowledge and hopefully fewer of us mislabelled and fobbed off. Silly ole dreamer.

Great news Jakki. It's a big deal getting your independence back again.

I agree about the fitness though ; I've never done so much walking as I have since my BI.

I'm so pleased for you ! xx

yay! great news.Maybe you could join a local rambling group? then you wouldnot have to walk on youre own

Thank you all. Having second thoughts about the gym. As l get tired easy. But will go up and see them. You never know lol. Drove around the block... Am l was OK..lol..


When I was discharged from hospital following a subarachnoid hemorrhage, (SAH) my GP referred me to the exercise referral scheme, that was run by physiotherapists at the local leisure centre, I know in Wales this is a national scheme and gave me free access to the gym and other exercise options, depending on where you are it might be worth seeing if there is a similar opportunity that you can take advantage of.

It also got me out of the house, and on to buses as I also wasn't driving at the time, the original referral was made to a specific leisure center that would require me to use two buses to get there, I found another leisure center that offered the scheme that was only one bus away, but quite a bit further (we live in rural mid wales) and was able to transfer to the one that was easier for me to get to.



cjjaks in reply to Hidden

Hi john been out in the car once so far. As l am still getting heavy headache. So taking each day. I am going to see if l can join my local gym. And start doing more stuff. Jakki

I am hopefully getting my licence from the DVLA in a couple of weeks. I will then buy a car, but I must say, I have got quite used to walking, and taking the bus. I don't think I will drive very much when I get my car!

cjjaks in reply to Nutkin33

Hi as l live away from a good bus route. I have to drive or it is taxes every time. And tat is ending up costing a lot. As walking one way is OK. But it is hilly too. So can't seem to win lol. Good luck with what ever you do. Jakki

Nutkin33 in reply to cjjaks

Thanks so much 😊😉


I was told to 'go for a walk' by NHS Direct and psychiatric nurse = when I tried to explain all my injuries and why I so low coz docs ignoring me and what I was telling them. Tried but got way too tired, nearly didn't make it home.

And now big toe joints SO painful when walk. Walked too much big town some weeks ago (when?) and been worse ever since.

Docs must know WHAT injuries we have, whether walking crooked BEFORE telling us to walk more = often NOT best exercise for us but it's 'free'.

And they must NEVER fob off real and serious injuries as curable by going for a walk. I can still here her voice on NHS Direct telling me to.

I remember at Headway the headwoman (I think she was, was told she was!) told me I had a catastrophic injury, I'd never heard that or thought/used that word but I KNEW life-changing. Then after I'd thought about that was cross: not just ONE injury, my throat too - and the rest. My abdo/guts never been the same since op and BAD pulling in and can't digest as could always before.

Some of us NEED our cars, NEED parking (me = sometimes) and good mechanic to look after them and enough money to run/insure. A tool: a mobility aid, liberty, access to everywhere = except when NO access coz evening or no parking/too long/cinema etc. Too tired to drive home after etc.

Hi cjjaks

If there are any walking for health groups near you it may be worth joining.

I joined one which is a gentle stroll to a café for a cuppa/rest and back.

You do some paperwork when you join and the group I am with are fantastic.

Bonus is that I am getting better at socialising and being able to contribute to conversations even if I can't start them.

All the best.

Thank you everyone for all of your advice. I will look into a lot of things and find out what is going on in my area. Jakki

Hi cj

Forgot to mention walking poles. Mine are now a constant companion in the back of the car for those days when it feels like I am at sea in a force 10 and everyone else is on lovely stable dry land.

As I said my walking group are great about it.

Love n hugs.

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