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Hey I noticed many people like me can’t drive at the minute but are any of you planning on going back to it? X

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Hiya, I went back to driving December 17. I have a little car and only do short journeys and only when im not in lots of pain, its nice to pop to the shops and be independent. Xx

Hi Lisamarie. I was back to driving 6 months after my haemorrhage, with caution at first as I wanted to be sure of the responses & general competancy of the 'new me'.

I always walk the 1/2 mile and back to the local shops (often with difficulty) as I know exercise is essential, but driving is the only time where none of my issues are apparent and I can feel completely in control and 'normal' for a while.

Are you thinking of driving again soon ? x

Lisamarie27 in reply to cat3

I have to be seizure free for a year which takes me to April but I’m allowed too apply 8 weeks before so end of February. I really miss having a car it’s so hard not driving with my three children especially in school holidays xxx

cat3 in reply to Lisamarie27

It certainly reminded me how much we rely on our vehicles when I had to resort to passenger-ism ! I think most of us take driving for granted and if it's denied us (for whatever reason) it's a major catastrophe. I broke my foot last year, so that was another period of abstinence

But with three children I can understand what a pain it must've been for you all this time ; I really hope you'll stay seizure-free and be back behind the wheel in April. So it's fingers, legs, eyes, everything crossed 'til then !! 👀

Hope you make it LisaMarie............xx

Hi Lisamarie, I am currently going through the rigmarole of getting my licence back, I'm in for the long haul as others here have stated it can be a looong process, a good opportunity for practicing patience with authority I think. Fredikins

Yes it’s a pain isn’t it I’ve got to apply at the end of February and I’m hoping it won’t take forever!! I miss having a car xx

Seizure free so I could get license back but it'd be incredibly stupid as my symptoms mean I'd kill someone.

What symptoms do you have? Xx

demondez in reply to Lisamarie27

Hi lisa i Drive i take Tablets to control my Seizure so have not had them now for along time but have to keep on taking the Tablets as they are for Depression as well

when i first started to Drive again went back to have a few driving Lessons just to make sure i was ok but have not looked back since .


I have no interest in wanting to drive, can't say forever but for now. I lack concentration, easily distracted & everything makes me feel so drained & tired. Cost running car, I just get taxi it's safer lol

I had 6 months from driving , it was a pain getting my licence back but got there in the end

Navillus in reply to Woo777

I'm still waiting and had my revoked in July. Any tips on getting it back quicker gratefully received as feeling very frustrated at the timescale at the minute.

Currently not driving too since stroke in April 2016 but hope to sign up for refresher lessons and then adapt my car later in the year.

I got back driving after 4yrs, and have been delighted since. That said without a licence I did volunteer working all over & got to know trains (3rd discount with disabled card) & buses (free with discount card) very well. Took me 13hrs to get home from the top of Scotland.😄

I got back to driving just over a year after BI but then had to stop again as DVLA who had said I was ok to drive again decided I needed an assessment which I messed up not knowing the area. I passed 2nd assessment so was able to drive again. Even while I was still in hospital after BI I said I would drive again much to everyone’s horror as it was car accident that I got BI from tho not my fault. Must help that I don’t remember the accident.

Hey I just received a letter from my neurosurgeon saying that I can finally drive post seizures

No giving up, mind over body, go to bed and try next day, wake up and do it, believe pray and practice :)*

Happy New Year 2018

I am desperate to get back driving. Finding it so long winded to do anything and have applied for my licence back but the DVLA seem to take an eternity to sort anything out. They said should hear by 3rd January and still waiting - so very frustrating. That said I have been very lucky not to have suffered more damage or changes in how I feel about driving. I can totally understand reservation if you feel different to how you were before. Is it that you feel you are not the same as before and feel scared. Has it been a long time since you got behind the wheel. I think when I can drive I probably would just stick to doing short drives until I build my confidence back up.

I had to wait 6 months, and fill in a entire Forrest worth of forms, or rather my wife did on my behalf. But could then drive I find it easier cognitively than public transport and even walking, I am careful with it, ie how tired I am.

4 years down the line I was able to drive my folks to see my Aunty and Uncle in France with out being overtired.


The DVLA sent me for a peripheral vision assessment which was a bit random and said I was fine. I took some lessons both professionally and with friends to check I was good. Sometime later I took a D1 minibus test and eventually passed that so now I'm government approved as a good driver so it must be true.

Thanks Magdolna your post has been helpful, stopped be from being over confident. Im still waiting to get back my driving licence. I plan to have some driving lessons with an instructor just to get my confidence back. However he needs to actually see my licence first, understandable, I feel its taking so long and I feel I on hold before I can do my next step. To get my license back will be fantastic I am desperate to get the official licence back, although they said I can drive whilst they do their checks etc.. This seems a funny way round but Im hoping they send me my new (card) licence. Does anyone know how much longer one has to wait to get licence back. I rang the hospital and they said they had responded back to the reminder they were sent. I am so desperate to get my license back, I feel so lost without my car and having that recognition, its as if part of me is still lost. I know it probably sounds silly, but its like another thing, another step in my progress, just to get the actual licence back. Does it usually take so long to get it back? I don't want to feel I am pestering them as I understand they must be busy with lots of things, plus 2 back holidays and Easter probable did not help, slowing it all down. Any suggestions? Grateful for any advice as feeling rather frustrated by the long wait Lann62

keeley24 in reply to Lann62

DVLA do things as and when they want. I like you was told I could still drive while they decided if I was still ok to which makes no sense at all. If someone may not be safe to drive then why let them before deciding what should happen? I didn’t have my driving licence when I was allowed to drive aas I’d sent it for new photo on and until they decided what was happening with me driving they wouldn’t send it back even tho they never aaasked me to send it to them. Out of 10 years I’ve been driving I’ve never had to show my licence to prove I can drive so I wouldn’t be too bothered over it. Couldn’t you get someone you know who drives to sit with you while you drive for a bit til you get your licence back? Be aware that even tho you have been told you can drive now you may have to stop if DVLA decide you should or like with me you fail an assessment the DVLA send you for. If you fail assessment you will be able to get some lessons with an instructor as the DVLA will send you a provisional licence.

Keeley24, thank you so very very much for your response. I feel more reassured now. I was thinking of ringing the DVLA to chase them up as I just want my licence back, but maybe I should be a bit more patient. I have rung the hospital and they confirm definitely that they had sent the reminder form that the DVLA sent back before Easter. Guess I just have to wait and work to their timescales, very frustrating however. I had been hoping to take some refresher lessons as I had not driven in 2 years since my SAH, it was the driving instructor who needed to see my licence. You are right, I have friends who I know will sit with me. I guess I was just trying to be cautious, having the duel control car, with and instructor just to get a bit of confidence. It has made me so annoyed the delay of it all. I am sure I am going to be find as I have always loved driving and comfortable with it. Thanks again, guess I'd better wait a bit longer. Do you think it worth it to ring them or should I leave it? Thanks again for your advice.

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