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Love driving and was the best thing I regained I think after ni....ok one of the best. Still question abillity at times even after passing test amd medical asessment. Plus have taken several refresher lessons over years to the point the instructer now refuses to take me. A waste of my money he says because I van drive.

The reason for doubt is the amount of people that just pull out pn me and the near misses. Yes I drive slower now....in other words I stick to the speed limt ...ok I may go overon motorways ( I didn't say that honest).

Came to conclusion its because my car is black so obviously they can"t see me ( even with day light lihhts on ).

Why did I get a black car....cleaning is a nightmare to.

Well a solution is on its way. Next car has arrived.....and its bright yellow.

Lets see if tjis helps...watch this space.


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Hi Pax

So glad you have been able to get your Licence back, and are enjoying your driving!

I think we become much more patient on the road. (Probably cos we have the time!)

Enjoy your new Yellow car!



It's well documented that yellow cars are involved in less accidents 'cause of their high visibility, so really good move Pax.

Do you sing the old 'They Call Me Mellow Yellow' song as you drive around ? :o


paxo05 in reply to cat3

Not got it yet Cat, got to wait till end of month . Hoping yellow is more visable I know insects like yellow so may need bug spay.

Will have to blast mellow yellow out when I pick it up.


cat3 in reply to paxo05

I used to sing it to myself after buying a new yellow bicycle. It was a bit of bravado getting a new bike as soon as I was discharged from hospital. The colour was supposed to symbolise recovery with a touch of frivolity.

I was going to show everyone how I was absolutely unaffected by the SAH. Think I cycled a couple of times then my balance let me down !

Ah well, at least I have my car........................but it doesn't provide that proof of fitness that I'd wanted from the bike. xx

Hi Pax

Not only does yellow alert other road users the added bonus of being easier to find in car parks.

Enjoy it and have faith in your driving. Look at it this way your driving must be food if an instructor is passing on the chance to make money!



Hoping it being easier to find will be a bonus Random. I often stand by the wrong car frantically pushing the remote only to find its the wrong car. Knowing me everyone will now get yellow cars......then again I doubt it.


Hi Pax,

Know the feeling lost my licence after Bi but got it back after 3 months, think it was 10 weeks but it felt like 10 years. Love driving too and you only realise how essential it is to your life especially your work life when its taken away.

Enjoy your new yellow car. N

cat3 in reply to MXman

Same for me M. Three months wasn't so bad as people kept insisting it would be at least a year. On my first recall appointment when my surgeon gave me the 'all clear' to drive, I felt like I'd really got my life back.

I didnt have to surrender my licience but initially after my bi I wasnt physically able to drive. Then was told it was insafe for me to drive.

Had to wait 3 years post bi before I could go for asessment. What a relief when I passed. Then came the task of building confidence in driving.

The freedom I get from driving is great. In the psst I have picked " sensible " cars so it was a sjock to my wife when I chose brihht yellow.

Maybe its the start of a brihht future...hope so .


The cognitive, reason and judgement of other motorists after 35+ years behind the wheel.

How many times have you been reversing out of car parking spot and a pedestrian will speed up their pace and walk directly behind your car, only to get into the drivers seat of a car nearby.

Or like last night, my dog and myself were nearly over by a really old boy driving on the wrong side of the road in a car park because as he said "I want to go in the spot at the end" when said you did me all he said was "you could have moved over!" he couldn't understand what he had done wrong.

Or the one that baffles me to this day - a car pulled from the side road and into my path. The guy got out and apologised for not seeing me - I was only driving a large 4x4 beacons flashing for the long load that was on the 20ft trailer behind and extended over the roof of the 4x4.

bizarre but I am still here

Hope you enjoy your new yellow machine, I know come summer the insects will :-)

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