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I always pictured/compared my life and my friends life as trains on parallel tracks.

Me and my friend met in the first year of my senior school/high school.

We got through half of the first year before I fell ill for the first time, had surgery, went back to school, fell ill again, more surgery... And so on.

I always pictured our lives as trains. When we met, me were running at the same speed. Illness comes along leading to surgery, that is like my train hitting a wall. His train carries on. Then the same with further ops. By now his train is steamiing ahead. In ther words his life has blossomed way ahead of mine.

He is getting married in June, I haven't even got a girlfriend ;).


Recently, I thought a little differently on the analogy thingy.

Me and my friend were like two formula one cars instead. Same thing with the trains, I hit a wall/undergo surgery, his car zooms off.

So I am staggering behind and going to Headway is like my car is in the pits and they are repairing me.

So I may have lost the race, he has probably lapped me a few times now but I don't care.

I am taking life how it suits me more than anything.

And girlfriends... Well I can think about that in my own time but at least I don't have any financial issues :)... YET.

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Quite poetic Matt and the choice of metaphors is so touching.

You are a very creative and thoughtful young man and I have nothing but respect for you. And it's inspiring to see you've chosen the positive 'track' to get to where you're going !

It's a lesson to us all the way you've dealt with great difficulties and continue to do so. :-/ xxx


Aww thanks Cat :).

That's nice of you to say :).

For some time, I could be quite negative about my life but I do think that I started thinking more positively quite quickly once I joined Headway.



Youre very good with words Matt. I bet you could write a good book about your life with its ups and downs and positive points and how you always see the bright side of life along the way and like to laugh sometimes to keep us all going. :-)

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Thanks Karen :).

I type much better than I talk in person mainly because I get to say what I want to say, how I want to say it and at the pace I want to say it... You see what I am saying? Haha.

I have got to say though, you are the second person now who has told me to write a book haha.

Honestly though, I couldn't write a book. I might have worded my post well but that would have taken years of thinking :). It actually made my brain hurt :), joking.

So you think I should write a biography, interesting, we'll see.

Offline, at a Headway meeting or at my other disabled group or with friends and family, I do make people laugh. That is my humour for you :). But typing is a lot easier to say humorous things.

It envolves confidence as the main point, I did lack greatly in confidence but that is growing now. It is also to do with who you are with, some people are so much more funnier than me and I also think that my BI has given me a problem with volume of voice because sometimes I might say something where to me it sounds pretty quiet but to another it sounds loud.

And if I need to raise my voice because of a crowd, like at my Headway meeting, my voice might sound ok to me but quiet to whom I am talking to.


Think about it youre sense of humour is great yet you have a very heartfelt and sincere way with words that would be an enjoyable read.



:), well thanks for pointing that out :)


Hi Matt, I concur with previous compliments in relation to your writing style, very enjoyable :0D

In a similar way to you, post ABI my career hit the buffers and it felt like I'd rebounded back so far, I had no sight of where I was intending to travel. To make matters worse, I spent the next 3 years with wheel clamps stopping me moving forward.

Once I had come to terms with my position, I removed the clamp and came to the decision that I needed to forge a different route to my destination.

Instead of trying to get back to my previous career, I've taken on two voluntary roles which offer I different kind of satisfaction and applied and was successful in applying for PIP ;thanks to encouragement from Headway).

A very different way of looking at things but much more rewarding :D


Hi Mad,

Glad you liked my writing style :).

I'm really glad to hear you removed these clamps that were stopping you and have taken a different route.

I have never had a payed job in my life but on one day a week I volunteer for my local Headway meetings which I love doing. I am guessing you love being able to volunteer as well, I hope.

I think some of the staff at Headway think I might do too much because I am almost always on my feet but I actually enjoy keeping busy. I am not so good at sitting around talking. I make the drinks for the group and help out other volunteers tidy up and wash the tables.

Take care,


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Yes Mat, I enjoy being in the company of fellow survivors with our special powers! It's a really supportive environment and I always come away feeling lifted in some way.

It's often very inspiring to hear what people are living through and overcoming.

Very satisfying work.


I know exactly what you mean about leaving the group feeling lifted.

I also go to another disabled group that are quite a fun group and very supportive too. When I leave that roup I feel happy and lifted... as well as quite tired :).


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