Rapid mood swings

Does anyone else have rapidly changing moods? I am laughing manically sometimes at things which don't seem that funny to other people and then a split second later incredibly angry and shouting. It really scares me, like being possessed. I never know when the next impulsive thought will happen. Was at Didcot station where some fast trains don't stop, heard an announcment to keep back from the platform edge and my first thought from nowhere was throw yourself in front of the train. Really alarming, I had been sitting happily in the sunshine a few seconds earlier. I don't think I'm depressed just on a rollercoaster of clashing emotions, scary.

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  • Not for myself more kind of flat, in that I don't get that hyper from being happy, I can and do snap into angry partially if tired though, which is challenging for my wife who takes the brunt of this.

    Lot of this is is like having ones inner teen/toddler it's trying to learn to control random thoughts?

  • Good morning :)

    My husband is just the same his emotions can be quite manic one minute laughing like a kid the next minute losing the plot over something seemingly trivial to others.

    He has started to try 'mindfulness ' when his emotions start swinging he stops and looks and listens to what is around him and tries to find 5 different things. Just to bring him back into reality of what is around him. He needs reminding to do this especially when he's angry but it does seem to help.

    Do you have a good support network around you to help? X

  • I try to relax my mind , but the thoughts just spring from seemingly nowhere. I try and use my sense of humour to deflect the worst of it but that only works sometimes. My house mate says I am like a crazy teenager with mood swings, door slaming and angry outbursts. Wider family have decided I am beyond hope I think( people are so ignorant of concussion/brain injury) My father is in a care home a couple of hundred miles away and it is too difficult at the moment for me to visit him so they have judged me as having no interest in him which is so unfair and have asked me not to contact them in future, families mmmmm.

  • You can't pick your family eh? Yep crazed teenager rings few bells with my hubby too! It would be good for your family to have more of an understanding of your bi if they don't fully realise they can't help. I really struggled to begin with the lack of support we got from my parents and hubby's parents I think because he looks fine and they didn't see him very often and when they did he was able to act 'normal' through no fault of their own they had no idea what life was really like. It took me going round one evening without my hubby with some information sheets and talking to them about what was really going on for them to get some kind of an idea not their fault though unless you have experience how can you be expected to know! Since then they have been great really supportive :) might be worth printing off some info sheets from headway to show your flat mate and anyone else you think could benefit from knowing more about what you're dealing with. The less you are have to be doing it alone the better it will be for everyone yourself included :)

  • Hi have you had an assessment through a rehab unit or neurologist? You sound very similar to my partner he has had two brain injuries. His moods can change very quickly. His temper can go off and he will go from 0 to 100 so quickly. But then later he will be excitable, then moody or say weird, hurtful or inappropriate things. He is going to have a care package set up now he's had an assessment. it must be so overwhelming and scary for you. If no one is doing anything then I would get some advice from Headway their helpline is brilliant. They should be able to guide you in the right direction to get help :-)

  • My GP told me an appointment with a neurologist is only appropriate for very serious bi's. I was hit really hard by a faulty internal train door which shot out and hit me on the side of the head just behind the eye socket. She thought I would ok in a few weeks but I feel worse if anything, also because I feel so woozy I keep knocking my head again and again. My bedroom is a loft conversion, with sloping walls which I can't judge anymore. Thanks for all the advice I will call Headway Bath again.

  • Hal, I've copied & pasted the following from a Headway publication online :-


    ' Mood swings or ‘emotional lability’.

    The person may have rapidly changing moods, otherwise known as 'emotional lability'. For example, they may be happy and joking one minute and tearful the next. Emotional states might also be more extreme than normal, so a person might get very distressed about something that would have only upset them slightly before the injury, or something minor may trigger off anger. A person may also respond to situations with inappropriate emotions, for instance they may laugh at bad news.'


    ....................Just to reassure you that what you're experiencing is a classic symptom after concussion or any other type of brain injury.

    I suggest you stand well back on the platform until your train has arrived !! Take care Hal. Cat x

  • If Headway tell you to get a referral through your doctors dont let the doctor fob you off. They did with both my partner and myself and for myself I complained to the practice manager. The surgery has a duty of care and if they're not then you need it to their attention. My surgery was just giving me more and more meds, but not reviewing it. I was researching and contacting neurologist then asking my gp to refer me they didn't like it, but then ended up doing it. Be persistent, but Headway will give you some great advice.

    Good luck :-)

  • Headway are the way to go. I got ZERO support after my injury and operation until I contacted Headway.

    I get the same things too so you're not alone. I'm scared to go to parties sometimes because I know I will say something inappropriate at some point:(

  • Hiya

    Can I ask are you on Meds? Which ones? I think they play with your mind & deffitnely emotions. I was petrified in the first month I began taking mine. I wasn't myself for sure. I was scared of what my own extremes could be! My moods emotions calmed with time 😮 luckily!!! 😡😃

  • Thanks for ll the great replies. I'm not on any medication at all. A long time ago I was on Parozetine anti depressant for panic attacks which made me so ill I decided never to take tablets again.

  • I am the same but headway in liverpool;isnt able to help with my needs being only little group so not much in way of help there been waiting since Christmas as was told other headways birkenhead,wirral would phone an help being so busy its hard here trying to get help plus living alone my confidence isn't always good,so if I feel bad then I tend to not bother doing anything but going in circles ,like this status messed up

  • Hello halinbath, it's interesting that you post this now as I was planning to post a similar today. I have been struggling more and more with sudden anger which appears as fast as it goes. I never hit people but I do hit my leg or throw things. I broke my phone this weekend after it started to play up whilst I was typing. I punched it slot and this time otherwise it, so it broke the screen! It is very annoying as I never suffered in the past with anger. I have an appointment soon with my neurology psychologist so we will be discussing it then. I hope you are ok, the train situation is a worry. You should talk to people about that and get help from a psychologist like I am. If you are able to. Take care xx

  • What methods do people employ outside clinical/'professional' help? I'm a firm believer in finding out what I can do in the here and now, even if it's taking a few minutes to step away and then try something again.

    I've always been a very patient and level-headed person but the mood swings I've experienced since starting treatment (Craniotomy, radiotherapy and now chemotherapy) are frustrating to say the least, more so because I recognise it and become 'frustrated that I'm frustrated', so to speak. I've been told things should get easier once my course of chemotherapy ends and the element of 'chemo brain' is less pronounced, but that's not until October!

    Has anyone had any luck with mindfulness techniques?

  • Hi Aqua, sound advice! Thanks for your reply :)

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