I feel the best I've felt in years opening up about this head injury. I went to Headway and managed to go in and speak with people who were all so lovely and understanding- I just cried and could hardly talk. They gave me a card and said I should complain about the job centre guy who dismissed my reason for the gaps in my CV by saying 'we all have accidents'. I feel I am being heard for the way I feel for once, instead of feeling I have to struggle on trying to keep up with everyone around me in this crazy world! I am so happy I am going back in 2 weeks to see someone and find out what days I can go along and be with people I feel similar to! Thank you everyone on here.

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  • I'm really glad you found Headway such a positive experience, I also felt a wave of acceptance amongst people who have similar experiences.

  • Thank you, think I've been through every emotional/behavioural issue on the list- now even paranoia gets me when I leave the supermarket worrying I said something really wrong at the till ha. Looking forward to going back there- feel very relieved.

  • Yup, I totally get you. I appreciated the fact that I didn't feel I had to tip toe around and that everyone else had the same 'special powers' as I like to call them, as each other. It's been really life changing for me

  • Sounds like the place for me :)

  • That's really good aqua! Now you know you are not alone you can begin to make huge strides in understanding and working around the difficulties of everyday life.

    Love n hugs


  • I have a leaflet from there and it's like gold to me! I knew I had traumatic closed head injury but I didn't know the term EXTERNAL as it was a traffic accident (20 years ago). From the list of effects of serious brain injury, I would say I am over the physical and can cope with the cognitive- the emotional and behavioural I am having problems with. Mainly now I am a mother and cannot use my old forms of escapism ha ha. I definitely need Social Rehabilitation and so happy I will can get some support with that!

  • What??? 'We all have accidents?'! You should definitely complain, what an awful thing to say. I am so sorry. Who is he to make assumptions about how the accident affected you? Is he medically trained? What an arrogant $%^!

  • I agree and I need to make sure he doesn't do it again- roll on next week and my appointment :)

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