More than another day.

Woke up this morning and pulled back.the curtains on another damp day.

Another day of great British summer

Another day of being glad to be here.

But then I remembered another morning like this. 18 years ago I woke up to a rainy day. Put on my wet weather cycling gear and set off to work.

I don't remember work that day. I don't recall setting off home. I don't recall the sun shining.

Worst of all I don't recall the car turning in front of me. In fact I don't recall much after that.

It was also the day my old self died. But it was the day my new self took shape.

More importantly it was the day I survived.

So is it just another day.....NO.

It's another day I am on this earth. There is no such thing as just another day. It's also an excuse for another birthday.

So if you ask me about today I will answer today is special ...It's the day I changed but more importantly it's the day I didn't totally die and it's a special day for I am still alive.

Pax x

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  • Hope your special day was extra special Pax.

    ..................& there'll be hundreds more to come ! xxx

  • Thanks Cat. I usually mark today and make it a totally positive way. Seeing the rain this morning just made the only part I remember of that day flooding back. It's a memory pre accidentify of the morning going to work. It gave me a little wobble but soon got over it.

    Have been feeling more positive lately ...even when physically struggling.

    Hope you had a great day to.

    Pax x

  • Hi Paxo, I've just read a very angry post and although I get why a person would be angry, but it's so self destructive.

    I can shed tears over the loss of my old life but it doesn't stop me getting on with trying to get the best out of this new life.

    Yes, I've had to find things out for myself, my GP told me there was no one else at the practice who had the problems I had, so I work with them and whatever I find out I share.

    I'm afraid the NHS is a bit too patchy so it's up to me to try to help it along the way if I want any quality of life.

    No point in me being angry, it's no ones fault I have this BI, and you can't put a sticking plaster on a brain, as for magic bullets!!!!

    Janet x

  • Hi Janet.

    Sometimes it's good to vent. So long as you move on then it's fine.

    I agree a poitive outlook is essential after a bi.

    Pax x

  • Happy rebirth day Pax xx

  • Hi Pax glad you have had a good day.

    How many of us are like the Queen with a day of birth and an "official" birthday for the new us.?

    May there be many more to come.

    Love n hugs


  • That's beautiful Pax x

  • Today is my 75th birthday. A day I thought I would never reach.2 years ago I had a brain haemorrhage, I was also diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma and I am on a watch and wait programme. I have just had a knee replacement and was told it was risky as I couldn't have the anti coagulant I needed. Each day I open the curtains and look at the wonderful scenery here in Cumbria, at a day I didn't think I would ever see

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday Joyce ! I'm SO pleased you were able to have the knee replacement ; I remember the big question mark over the procedure 'cause of various issues.

    Have a lovely day m'dear. Hope the sun's shining in Cumbria today ! Love Cat xx

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