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OFF TOPIC! Funding

Not exactly to do with health but it is to do with my local Headway, Headway Portsmouth and South East hampshire to be exact.

They are having trouble with funding right now, over the past six years they have been struggling and even had to move location of main centre to another location because of the expensive rent they had to pay.

They have been thinking of ideas to raise money and I have been giving some good ideas myself as I also visit another disabled group that seem to do pretty well with fundraising.

What I would like to ask is if any of you lovely people have any good ideas for raising funds.

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First thoughts:

Get in touch with ALL the art colleges and competition to design a new logo for Headway = it really NEEDS one - or am I the only person who hates the current one?

To me it doesn't look professional but maybe that's why others like it?

Charge every person entering a logo £5 then get Headway's designer to pick out the ones that actually work best (full colour, one colour, black and white) then Headway groups to vote = put them online?

Then see if people want to use a new one. Coz maybe you'd have to say winning one would be used = GOOD for student to say/have in folio. BUT does Headway WANT a new logo?

If well publicised might get a few hundred (?) students/others going for the prestige?

Or maybe not?!


Get better and more products for sale online and explain the current ones far better (how many balloons and what size?) and show what you actually get (not all do). Don't know about anyone else but I'd never buy a keyring with a huge loop like that. ?

And as you said before Matt = a calendar before xmas with BIG spaces to write in = for us.

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Why do you hate the current Headway logo?

I like it, I wouldn't really know what else it could be.


The hands look deformed and like rubber bananas! The mouth is pouting and wonky-off (I know some of us have this!) and the eyes are too filled in. The Headway text looks very old fashioned, the rounded corner box = ditto and the blue doesn't stand out, it's too retreating.

Plus I know it's our BRAINS but it affects WHOLE person not just our heads. I think Headway started as just head injury (?) then gradually widened to include other brain injuries/causes?

But stroke if far more known about than many other forms of ABI as is meningitis now (I think) and multiple sclerosis (MS) has its own charity = just one cause of ABI. I think Headway should be the ONE charity at top which overseas/is part of ALL charities that help all different sorts of brain injury. ?

I think neurological alliance does that? I'm muddled. But if ALL the brain injury charities worked together we'd be stronger bigger force for education and change, at mo = all broken up and all not really noticed = I think. Maybe Neurological Alliance should be rebranded and HUGE umbrella (is?) but for public awareness?

Oddly MS is treated more favourably than other diseases/injuries by DWP = IF what I've read is true? And Alzheimers appears to be getting LOADS of attention now (ditto if true) when that is a brain injury/disease (whatever you call it?). Unfair!


In my opinion the Headway logo is not supposed to be a work of art. It is just a logo. It doesn't matter to me if the proportions of the fingers/head are wrong.

The mouth might be pouting but it is not supposed to refer to a person who has had BI, because not all of us have that problem. To me it is just the way it is drawn.

I think really the logo is great the way it is, it does not need to be changed.

Yes it is our brains that have been damaged and yes it does affect the whole of a person but the damage/affects to a person's body all starts because of something that happened to the brain which is locked away in our heads :).

And the hands surrounding the head shows that Headway is the place who care/support the people who have BI.

I think you may have looked too much into the logo to be honest. But like I say, that is my opinion.

As far as I know, Headway have always been a place who support people with different brain injuries.

Strokes ar known about more than other BIs, they are more frequent than other BIs but I think that is partly put down to what people eat as well.

Over the years, BI's have increased as people have been exposed to many more foods, processed foods etc and the bad chemicals that are in these processed foods.

One cause of ABI?

There are quite a few causes of ABI. A brain tumour is the cause of my ABI. Any surgery to the brain causes an ABI. Other forms of BI are TBIs which people would get through a road accident or a blow to the head.

I think because people are not so aware of a brain injury, some could easily pass it off as another disability. A common affect of having a BI is fatigue. Others could see that an MS problem.

Alzheimers could be classed as an ABI to some but in my opinion it should not be classed as a BI at all. Alzheimers is a disease, not an injury so therefore it is not the same thing.

Alzheimers is brought on by masses of alluminium intake. Alluminium is found in aerosols/deodorants. His is why I no longer use them, I use the roll on stick deodorants now, much safer.


My son's infants school used to do a teatowel every year well in time for christmas: each child drew a picture of themselves (head only) and wrote their name under then the school arranged the pix in rows and added the school name and year and got teatowels produced which parents bought for themselves and as gifts for grandparents and so on.

We ALL use teatowels and they get horrid fast = always a demand. If cheap enough to produce/sell maybe could make some good money = IF attractive/fun? All year but also at xmas with an xmas flavour? Need a good logo though...


The teatowel idea sounds good.

May I just add that we don't ALL use teatowels, only MOST of us use teatowels.

We use a supersoaker instead.

A supersoaker is really design for washing cars but we do not use it for that, we use them for all sorts, well, me and my mum do. We use thm for washing up AND drying up, they great to clean up spillages and they are great to dry yorself off after a bath or shower. Yes they may be small and not big enough to cover your body but the thing is, when you are soaking wet and you wrap up in a towel, you are soaking the towel.

On a Winters evening, you are having a nice warm bath and you don't want to get out of the tub and into the cold. If you wrap in a towel you won't warm up so quick. It is being covered in water that makes you cold. Cos the supersoaker absorbs all the water, you get warmer pretty quick.

So, a life hack that came from my Mum, use a supersoaker instead :).


oops Matt, silly me making assumptions/generalising: never heard of a supersoaker - thought that's what my son's massive pump-action long-distance water pistol was called?! All the rage some decades ago, great fun.


oh and I don't wrap up in a towel: I dry myself very quickly with it and get dressed! You making assumptions! Dunno how you dry your back with little cloth?!


I didn't mean you specifically wrapping in a towel but most people do. You ee people on TV wrap up in towels all the time.

I flop the cloth over my shoulders to dry my back and I guess my arms are a bit flexible cos I can dry most of my back/lower back pretty easily.


There is a massive water gun called a supersoaker but the supersoaker I speak of ansorbs water, it does not fire it :).


That's a good idea! Thanks 😀😀


At Headway Dorset we are also short of funding. Last July the plug was pulled on all the qualified medical people, so now there is mainly just befriending groups. Those work well, I must say!

We were talking about some fund raising activities this last week. If something good comes up, I'll let you know.

So far, we were talking about a quiz night!



Hi Nutkin,

It is a massive shame that funding gets cut from charities :(. I used to go to another disabled group as well as Headway around 2008-2010. 08 or 09 is when funding was cut and the goverment stopped funding them and Headway, my Headway.

So this other group was making money from the members who used it, we did pretty well, government would have helped more though. In the end though the group closed down and that was due to one of the staff who was running the group was new-ish to running the group and he was a Personal Assistant (PA) to other disabled people! He was actually stealing money from people and our group!

I hope he rots in prison.

I have found a website of A-Z ideas on fundraising, I have sent it to the staff at my Headway too. I hope it helps you and Headway Dorset too :).


Yesterday at my Headway's outreach they did a 'bring and buy' sale. It was like a car boot sale without the car boot :). People bought some things, I had a look at what was leftover. There was nothing that I really wanted but I still bought some stuff, I can then take them to a charity shop or something. I bought those things to raise money, that was all really. They set up this 'bring ad buy' sale to raise money so I bought some things to help them out more than anything.

It is what you call 'kindness' :).

Take care,



Thanks a lot. I will mention the 'Bring and Buy'! 😀😀


No problem :).

The other group I go to, now that the other group I told you about has long gone, might play silly games to raise money at times, like bingo but with playing cards instead of numbers. People might pay a pound to play.

Also they have what they call 'silent auctions' which is like a regular auction but done in total silence.... I'm joking.

It is like a regular auction really. People bring in what they don't want, it is all set up on a table. People are all given a number which they shouldn't share with others, hence the silence, and if a person sees something they want to buy then they mark the ticket with there number and add a price they are prepared to pay for it. Usually a pound or two.


Thanks so much. I will mention all! 😀


No problems, hope it helps :).


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