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Hi, I'm new to the site and wanted to introduce myself.

I had a serious car crash almost 2 years ago and only received help with the physical effects of a serious head injury. I have gradually come to realise that I may well have a brain injury which has negatively affected my behaviour and I've lost all 'get up and go'. I worked in a high-pressure business environment and I've lost 2 contracts unexpectedly, making me wonder if I've done or said something inappropriately or of just poor overall quality. Then there's my personal relationships, but I won't go into detail there. This is a small summary and I'm sure there's more but I struggle to be comprehensive nowadays. This 'gradually realising' seems to have been confirmed when I called Headway the other day to talk about what's been happening.

I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday to ask for a referral to a Neuro Psycologist so I hope that will be the first step toward identifying what's happening with me and finding ways of coping or working with it. I have read that it's unlikely that I'll be able to get back to being 100% and I can accept that but I need to find a way to quantify the problem and deal with it.

Apologies in advance for all of the questions I'll be asking.

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Hi Ash i hope you start to get some of the answers to some of the questions and mysteries surrounding how you feel from the neuro psychologist. My accident was 18 months ago and I've recently started seeing a np and having tests. She seems to be helping me and re assuring me that alot of feelings are normal to have. I hope your Gp refers you. They are there to help show you ways to cope. Would like to tell you more but i had a test on wed just gone and its left me quite tired for now-even to type this lol. Good luck :-)


Hello ash. Hope you get help sorting things out. It seems to be usual to only get treatment after 2 years. Whether this is due to other conditions masking brain injury or waiting for the brain injury to level out. In my case I lost my father a year after my accident and the focus was dealing with my depression. It was only when I didnt respond as they thought I should did I start to recieve extra tests and help. I dont think we get fixed rather we evolve over time into a new you. With the right help and support its amazing what you will achieve. But be careful because it is easy to forget your limitations and believe you can do things you are no longer capable of doing. I am sure that any questions you have we will all try and answer, you may get different answers but then its up to you to decide which best suits you. I wish you well.


Hi ashj. It's good you're looking for explanations as to the cognitive/emotional effects of brain injury ; I think it's necessary in order to take better control of all aspects of your life.

It's true that brain injury will change the way you function, but you seem to have the right sort of attitude to enable you to adapt, and work with what you've got . . . . . . . . . . when you have a better idea of what that is.

Good luck with the referral. Please come back and tell us what your GP has to say.

Regards, Cat.


Thanks for the welcomes folks. I'm surprised at the lack of professional attention to a brain injury in my case because the head injury was heavy. I've had good treatment at putting my nose back in the middle from max-fax surgery but the bridge area is and will always be further back than it was before. I have no sinuses now, they acted like a crumple zone.

It's only the fact that I've recently had time to reflect on events since the injury that has made me realise that I must be different now. Not sure if this is a typical timescale for a case like this.

I'll update after the GP appointment.


Hi Ash

You've done the right thing joining this group. I'm relatively new to it but have already benefitted from the wealth of knowledge and personal experience people have on here.

My son had a SAH almost 4 years ago and it's only since seeing a neuropsychologist last year that things seem to be falling into place and we are recognising some differences in personality, behaviour etc. It's a bit like we were blinkered before.

None of it is too major but enough to cause concern sometimes.

I look forward to reading more of your posts

Alice x


Hello. I think we gone on gaining more insight into our difficulties year after year, I'm 9 years on and am STILL learning what I can/can't do very well - and then forget and must relearn,over and over.

It's not til we must try do things that maybe haven't had to try do before that we see truly where our limitations lie.

In my old home (had pre-injury) it was all already set up so although I struggled to do it all I managed to pretty much - the basics anyway. But when all those ready-done things go and must set up again (like electricity and phone/net/TV and insurance contracts) it's THEN we see how tough it is: puzzles that are beyond us, me anyway.

And in old home = knew the cooker and heating and plumbing = ALL of it but lose that then NO idea and can't really relearn coz can't SEE the wires in walls or hidden pipes under floors/over ceilings. Get used to own taps and sink (hairwash for me), lose that then FAR harder and PAIN = bending over on knees,trying to reach shower tap to turn water on/off with dripping hair/shampoo on = hurts neck and back/lumbar BAD.

All the things we must do every day: food, cooking, shopping, washing, finding way about, buses, abbreviations, who does what, which phone numbers & what times, which door to knock on to get the right help (when so MANY doors and none labelled clearly or simply), conflicting info = what's true...

Mega puzzle, a labyrinth, a maze and all the while too much noise, strong smells, too many colours and movement = brain overload = breakdown and shutdown = like the old bomb you used to get on apple mac. Complete mayhem for the senses and poor old broken brain working overtime to try make sense (!) of it all and a lot of the time it really doesn't make sense: NOBODY would choose or decide to create things like that coz just not HUMAN!

I told a friend some years ago that when my brain's on overload it really feels like what's drawn in old cartoons of (I think?) people getting cross/angry: steam coming out of both ears! Truly feels like rusty old seized-up cogs grinding and overheating in my head and the pressure builds up in brain to such an extent that it feels like it'll explode and stop, sometimes it does: with anger, despair, tears or collapse or all these together = nuclear meltdown.

No doc's ever explained ANY of this and none (not mine anyway) seem to even begin to understand it - or wish to apparently,but maybe I'm wrong and finally now they are ready and willing to LEARN?

There are so many of us, mostly invisible and with no voice. And even when we try to explain they listen through ear-plugs which filter our words and what they hear is changed into what they know best = psychiatry. Our pathology and us are re-routed and misdiagnosed because medical education fails; extreme marketing is carried out by drug companies and misinformation is perpetrated by those with power, the experts' opinions are believed and suit well because drugs are so much cheaper than the care/help ABIers need.

Lies have become truth and we're the ones who are pushed through the holes in the safety-nets: our needs are too complex, difficult and expensive.

'Oh go on, take these drugs, what have we got to lose?' - that's what my GP said and the psychiatric nurse also pushed them hard. No other options but oddly the routes (my requests) to clinical psychologist then psychiatrist = barricaded, wonder why...


Welcome and hope you get the anwswer you need


Hello - my daughter was hit by a car, aged 12, and we are still looking for answers about her injuries. However, I'm replying because I want to let people know about her compensation claim. Make sure you go to a specialist head injury solicitor, if you haven't already done so. We spent 5 years with someone who didn't understand the situation and have now found someone who is already far better and having to re-do much of the work. There is a time limit to starting claims too.

Good luck


Welcome to this sight. I had my TBI 2 years ago, and it was only after joining Headway, that I managed to start 'living' again. If you have one in your area, please join.

I find that mixing with fellow TBI, or ABI people is of tremendous value!

You've done the hardest part, that is accepting your condition, and from here on, you must look forward to improvement, no matter how slowly!

Any time you feel like writing, please do, you are most welcome

Cheers 😀😉


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