Alcoholic Dementia

I was earlier going through all my paperwork which I haven't done in a while. I came across a medical certificate (Sicknote) that I think I photocopied it. It was dated December 2013 so as I was technically still employed. But during that period things are a bit hazy in fact it seems like a different life now. Anyway one of the reasons for being absent from work said Alcoholic Dementia. Now I cannot remember anybody in the medical profession telling me this,or if they did I cannot remember. Does anyone have any information about this condition. I was told I suffered brain damage due to oxygen deficiency which affects my short term memory and sometimes bouts of confusion. I don't think this is the same thing

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  • That would be korseakoffs whitch is a form of Alzheimer's speffic to alcoholism. so if you are not an an alcoholic then that would be wrong! Hugs hope that helped xxx

  • Hi Jimbo,

    Were you treated for thiamine/B1 deficiency ? Click on this link for info ;

    I remember being asked repeatedly in hospital about alcohol intake ( suspected Encephalitis ) but not relevant to me as only an occasional drinker-perhaps my B1 tested low,who knows,hospitals tell you nowt ! How are you doing now ? x

  • I seem to be improving. Then some days I feel I am going backwards

  • This is absolutely normal for recovery,Jim.We tend to do more on the good days,not always realising that we have overdone it.The fatigued brain responds by displaying a worsening of symptoms.It is known as 'boom and bust'.I was guilty of this a lot in the beginning-it is hard to restrain yourself and limit activities when you are feeling good-then you get the payback and are rough for a day or so.After a while you learn how to balance your energy . I plan a quiet day or two following a more than usual energetic activity (like a trip or night out) so I can recharge my flat battery.I hope the sleep problems are improving too : )

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