Medical term needed...?

Can anyone give me a medical name for this horrid little side effect of my brain injury....I was told but I just cant remember. i did write it down so that i wouldnt forget..I just dont remember where.......Its about my speech and the wrong words coming out of my mouth that sound like the word that i am trying to say....but actually is what I want to say at all...Help !

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  • I dont think so I think it began with an H.

  • Is it spoonerism ?........or dyslexia ?

  • No ...I remember someone posting a blog or a question about it on this site and I remember crying my eyes out because this one effect of my brain injury has a name....and its not just marked down as 'part of your brain injury' ...I dont know why I was so pleased ,only that I get tired of telling everyone that I have a brain injury...and even more tired of every time I explain my brain injury I am almost always told how lucky I am to be here because the other person knows at least two people that have died as a result....I complain that my injury is an invisible one when a lot of the time it suits me because I dont get treated differently..but then there I times I feel to shave my head and say " THERE CAN YOU SEE IT NOW ...?" Moan moan moan....clearly its going to be one of those days...Hope yours is a better one Cat3.

  • Hi Drusilla I know where yer coming from, I have shaved my head for many years and therefore don't look any different to other people. But to explain my injury, I have to point out my craniotomy scar to which then I get the cor blimey your lucky? Lucky would have been never to have had this in the first place. Sorry but I don't call living this different life very lucky. Still on the plus side biking season coming up. Take care XXXXX

  • Just been on Google & Wikipedia trying to find this luck.....sorry Drusilla.

    It's become a bit of a mission now so, if you find it, maybe you could let us know ?

    The sun's shining here at the moment (Cheshire)......hope you're getting some. cat x

  • Lol....A mission for me to....its on this site somewhere....but as is the norm ...I cant remember the name of the person who posted it ....i want some sun shine perhaps you could send me some. Its still dull and brass monkey cold here (Buckinghamshire).

  • Dysphasia or Dysarthria?

  • if you still can't find it, I saw it on House once. Try reading through the episode synopses on Wikipedia. I'd do it myself but I'm going to a friends for dinner and need to get ready

  • I will, enjoy your meal.....thank you .

  • dyspraxia ? ?

  • Could it be -

    Brocas aphasia (expressive aphasia-thinking of something but say the wrong thing) and Wernickes aphasia ( where you struggle to interpret speech but you can speak fine yourself)

    Sounds like a pub quiz!!

  • what ever it is you may only say summat else any way he he

    is it called toungetwistedeitious or may be its whatavijustsaidivissum

    good luck with that

  • Wernickes encephalopathy

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