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Good Book But Heavy at first

Hi Thandiwe

Jules here

I forget who told me about the book it was another friend on this forum a couple of weeks ago.

I paid £37.95 including packaging.

Its produced by Headway but written by Prof Powell, if its the same Mr Powell I know then he is one of the best in the country.

The book has 235 pages, but most of them are little tests after the long intro - so I think it will be good for me at least - once i commit myself time on certain days. There is a CD at the front but I havent looked at it yet - that would be great if its further help.

It does says its supposed to be used like a cook book, taking pages of advice here and there.

It is a shame the book cannot be sponsored by an organisation so people like us can benefit free, after all it is us that are looking to improve ourselves.



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Hi Jules

I mentioned the book to you - it is strange that it has to be paid for as it is a real help. I was given a copy for free in Kenya where I was at the time of my BI and I'm very glad I got it. Hope it works for you!

Good luck



You can buy a new copy for £28 (free p&p) on Amazon.

Cat x

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