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Hello Iforget

Might be interested in reading it once you are done.

I have just received my copy of Healthunlocks 'Brain Workbook' by Prof Powell.

Its just what I was hoping it would be.

Heavy reading first pages and questions at bottom of each page I cant do as I cant remember what I just read,

I will persist as the puzzles and work outs come next i see.

Will let you know how it goes



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i got my copy the other day and did not like

like you i found first whole load of pages to heavy

and then some of the others to complicated i could not understand

hope you get on better than me


I have not heard of this book. Is it highly recommended as an exercise to help with brain injury?

Do you buy in line? Thank you


I hadn't heard of this book either 'til now but have just looked it up online.

Amazon sell it for £45.99 but have copies from alternative sellers at £28.

I'm thinking of buying either this one or another by the same author (Trevor Powell - former director of Headway).

The other one is called 'Head Injury - A practical Guide' and has nothing but excellent reviews. This is also on Amazon for £25.99 but shows alternatives, the cheapest one at £18.57. It's described as easier to understand than many other books on the subject. But I don't believe this one has the exercises.

If you Google either of the titles plus the author's name, & choose the Amazon UK link you'll find them both.

Cat x

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