Puzzles - Week 3

How old?

A friend wrote you the following letter:

"Our baby girl Nat was born last year in March. If you multiply her age by those of her older sister Kat and brother Pat, the product is 36. If you add all of their ages together, you'lll get a sum of 13. Everyone is healthy and happy. Write back soon!"

What are the ages of Nat, Kat, and Pat?

3 hints if you need them, gogogo.

13 Replies

  • Nat isn't 1 yet

    Kat is 9

    Pat is 4

    I think, Janet x

  • Afraid not, sorry Janet! Nat a has to be a component in the maths here, so if she's zero or say 6 and a half or anything like that it wouldn't work out as 13...

  • If she was born in March 2013 she must be...

  • My brains gone into meltdown now so I'll look at it later xxxxxx Janet

  • No right so if Nat is 1 then Kat and Pat must be twins and are both 6 years old xxxx Janet

  • Well done Janet

    I was making it way more complicated eg if Nat was born March 2013 she was 9 months old, so I was trying to work it out in months then convert to years. I got very lost :o

  • I get to think more clearly now. Nat must be at 1. Pat and Kat must be 6. 1x6x6=36. 1+6+6=13.

    I admit though, I did have a quick look at Janet's answer.

    Janet truely worked this one out :).

  • Better late than never...

    Nat can only be 1, so that makes pat and kat 6 year old twins.

  • Hey look I'm right, but I could have known Janet would've pipped me to this one.

  • Sorry Barny, I get really competitive with puzzles,was a member of Mensa years ago, and I've been very worried my brain injury might affect that working of my brain so I work very hard at maintaining it. I'm going to leave the next few alone, keep the answers to myself xxxxx Janet

  • Don't be Janet, I'm not upset or anything and I wasn't trying to be the first to answer. Actually I'm quite impressed that I'm on par with someone who was a member of Mensa lol

  • The thing is Barny, it's practice with puzzles and thinking abstractly, not going for the obvious.

    When I was in primary school many moons ago!, our form teacher used to give us an IQ test every week so I got lots of practice and learned a lot of the abstract ways they set questions. Xxxxx Janet


    Blah blah blah blah blah blah 1+6+6 is correct! :D Well done.

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