The Stace Pace Routine'. ZZZ - Cat's idea ;o) - Headway


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The Stace Pace Routine'. ZZZ - Cat's idea ;o)


Regularly on here I've posted the difference a 20 minute nap makes & to people like ourselves, who have suffered a serious head injury, I can't recommend it enough.

Closing your eyes for 20 minutes & relaxing completely, makes the world of difference, it really does.

Now, more often that not, I do fall asleep but it's not essential & as I said to Cat who is too restless t keep her eyes closed for 20 minutes, you could try closing your eyes, totally relax & count to 100. Do that about 10 times & I'm sure that would make a difference. It certainly works for me ;o)

Give it a go, even if you're incredibly skeptical & thing it wouldn't work for u, at least give it a go - what have u got to lose - 20 minutes but U have a lifetime of extra energy t gain !!!

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i agree. but remember this, now theyve banned sheep racing you cant count sheep going over hurdles!!!!

StaceM8 in reply to steve55

what about low hedges Steve or jumping across a stream maybe ???

StaceM8 in reply to StaceM8

You've gotta move with the times mate, adapt accordingly ( bit like having a head injury - U have to adapt ;o)

steve55 in reply to StaceM8

have you tried meditation?

StaceM8 in reply to steve55

Hiya, I haven't Steve, no. Well not for more than 5 minutes. I haven't got the patience - I'm one of those people who has to be doing something. Always have been.

I can't lie on the beach or the pool for more than 5 minutes before I'm off in the pool or the sea with a frizby or ball ;o)

(& I take it U do realise I was only saying 'move with the times' in a light hearted way ;o)

OK Stace, you've worn me down ; I will try it in an organised fashion 'til this time next week !

I shall try it to Ludovico Einaudi's 'I Giorni' on loop - but chances are I'll fall asleep & not wake for hours. 😫

Bear with me............ 😐 x

You have t set an alarm, best t have a cup of tea or glass of water before hand which'll make U get up & once you're up u should feel refreshed, otherwise, especially in Winter (so that shouldn't be a problem now), if U don't get up, it's too easy t go back t sleep.

But if u do, before U nod off, make sure U set your alarm for another 20minutes.

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