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Headway Christmas meal


Today was my local Headway's Christmas meal and it was pretty good, much better than last year's but then again last year had crap management. I won a couple of things in their raffle, a tin of biskwits and some Christmas-themed socks with a strange looking hat. The hat is going to the charity shop as I speak haha.

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Pleased to hear you had an enjoyable Christmas meal with your local Headway group. Congratulations on your raffle wins - even if the hat wasn't you! My area has surrounded by Headway groups but all far from my area. However, sometime in the New Year a weekly group is starting in my area. I am looking forward to attending as think this will be my first step to some social integration again. Enjoy the biskwits sound much more enjoyable than biscuits!

Thanks :).

The tables were decorated nicely and the food wasn't brilliant, I have had nicer but it was worth the money.

That is a shame to hear about these Headway groups being too far from your area but you wont have long to wait until you get one near you soon, so that is good :). I'm sure you will definitely enjoy being social again.

I like the sound of biskwits better, thanks to the animated panda on the FOX's biskwits advert who sounds as if he belongs in the MAFIA :). Thanks though, I think we will enjoy them and the picture on the tin looks very nice. It is an olden day looking picture of a bakery, I think my mum would like that :).


Mmm biskwits yummy!


Glad you had a good time Matt

hey Christmas socks to go with your Christmas jumper eh :D

Shame it wasn't a Christmas hat as well!

Matt2584 in reply to Hidden

Exactly hedgy, Christmas socks to go with Christmas jumpers :). That is a shame it was not a Chirstmas hat but I havea couple of nice Christmas hats anyway :).

So cool. I also had my Headway Christmas lunch. There was also a raffle, and I won two prizes - a pair of comfy socks and some shower gel. My sister also came with, and she won a bundle of chocolate bars!

The meal was pretty good too!

Matt2584 in reply to Nutkin33

We almost got the same prizes, I got socks too :).

I love a good biskwit me :)

Matt2584 in reply to Broken_Doll

Do you dunk your biskwits?

Broken_Doll in reply to Matt2584

Of course ;)

Are you a dunker? If you are what are your top 3 biskwits for dunkage?

Matt2584 in reply to Broken_Doll

I certainly am a dunker and I like to dunk FOX's biskwits, of course, and I dunk all sorts of other biskwits. I like dunkin' chocolate chip cookies and gingernut biscuits. I quite like to dip custard creams too.

As I say, I dunk most biskwits and even choclate bars too haha.

Matt2584 in reply to Matt2584

How could I forget to not mention the Lotus caramelised biskwits? They are like... my fave :).

So, my top 3 biskwits of sinkage is:

1, Lotus

2, Gingernut biskwits

3, FOX's biskwits

What's your top 3 of pure sinkage?

I shall add that there is sometimes a time limit in dunking biskwits.

I like Dunkin' digestives too and the plain ones can end up in your coffee quicker than the chocolate ones :).

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