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Hi everyone

Hope you're all staying strong in the latest lockdown.

Here's my story on Headway's site. I've really enjoyed reconnecting with art over the past year and have been delighted to sell some of my work.

As an author, it's liberating and cathartic to write your story. Even if you don't publish or share it, it really helped me to make sense of what happened by creating a timeline and unlocking some surpressed memories.

Anyway, enjoy my story (link below) and a huge thank you to Headway for the opportunity.

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Thank you for sharing, im still waiting to purchase book 'what the hell'. I am currently thinking as a carer, mother and wife how to use my education, skills and new experience of this life changing experience to bring good to others.

I have to wait until toddler starts school 2022 to do programmes and further education and hoping husband progresses further to actual make start.

Sharing this is an inspiration, thank you

Hi and thank you for the lovely comments 😊

That sounds a good goal to use your skills to help others. That's certainly been a big help in my own recovery.

Let me know how you get in and if I can help in any way ☺️

Hi Teynboy what a great article! And very well done on all your achievements! Loved your website too :) it’s so positive :) We could do with some goal setting skills for my daughter (24) who is at a tricky stage of her recovery from her brain injury. She wants to train to work with children with brain injuries but doesn’t know where to start, she had put her name down for a course locally but it was cancelled due to low numbers. She doesn’t like large online groups and avoids online learning! She’s ok with zoom 1:1 or very small numbers so I’m trying to find something suitable. Could do with a bit of positive accountability ;-) let me know if you have any ideas 😀

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Teynboy in reply to Phoenix68

Ah thank you do, so much. That's really kind ☺️

Bless her, your daughter is trying to move forward and a course being cancelled is a shame. Tell her to keep persevering and keep looking and not to give up.

We have some goal setting resources on our YouTube channel too. You guys may found them useful. It's

Hit subscribe, there's some new content coming soon too.

We also have an online platform which is very close to launch. Just finishing the subscription off.

For specific qualification based learning, my wife has done some remote courses through the Centre of Excellence. They're really good and great value too.

Let me know how you get on and if there's anything else we can do with our content to help ☺️

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Phoenix68 in reply to Teynboy

Thank you for your helpful reply :) Unfortunately she doesn’t like group online learning, (or any large online groups), she prefers the personal 1:1 or small group arrangement, at least at the start as it can be so daunting. We will look at the YouTube resources you mention and reach out through your website too :) Have a great week and thanks again!

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Teynboy in reply to Phoenix68

Sorry for my late reply, I somehow missed the notification.

Hope you enjoyed the YouTube content.

Since last chatting, I’ve just enrolled onto a public speaking course with the Centre of Excellence. There’s also some really good content on Udemy too. These are all online personal learning so no need to interact as groups.

We’ll have our own resilience programme available in the next few weeks too.

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Phoenix68 in reply to Teynboy

Thank you! Look forward to hearing about your course on Resilience. Such an essential topic that thank goodness is receiving more attention 💚

Brilliant reading your blog and lovely drawings. What an inspiration you are. I don’t have a brain injury but have an AVM which decided to move/bleed and left me slightly paralysed for a short time. I was so lucky. Well done you. Keep up your positive work.

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Teynboy in reply to APAscot

Ah thank you. Lovely comments 😊

Wow, you sounded lucky and hope you're making a good recovery too ☺️

Your drawings are very good and you’re lucky that you can do creative writing and drawing so well.

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Teynboy in reply to Fificakes2

Aw thank you.

I really must talk to our local Headway. It's been on my list for too long ☺️

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Teynboy in reply to Teynboy

Hope you're good too.

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Fificakes2 in reply to Teynboy

Headway Northampton is closed now because of lockdown. I’m okay and I just try to do art by myself at home.

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