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Best Wishes to Headway Staff.

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I think we should all wish the Headway team a Happy New Year and thank them for providing this forum, which for it's members has become invaluable..........not an easy year for them with all the changes and I'm sure we all appreciate their efforts to get the new format up & running.

Without them there would be no 'US', so many thanks to all at Headway.

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Yes Cat3, a very Happy New Year to everyone connected with Headway....making our lives so much easier to bear!! And to you and your family too x

Well said Cat3 I new to this , but I read everyday and I know I'm not alone . Happy New Year to you xxx

New Year's greetings to all the Headway staff- the information and support provided, the listening ear and gentle voice of the helpline which have heard and supportef in my darkest moments and struggles. Thank you all for being there

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I wish A happy and prosperous new year to all Headway staff please know your support, wise words, help and encouragement is invaluable to all on this site.......I'm sure that goes without saying, but all the same THANK YOU :)

Here here, without them we'd bestaggerring around in the dark, I find this site so comforting and without the friends I have on here my days would be so much darker. I hope this year sees prosperity and happiness for all xxxxxx Janet

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Mikesghost in reply to Kirk5w7

Agreed! Happy new year and a hip hip hooray or three for their invaluable support. I'd also like to with everyone a brilliant 2014! :-)

Thanks to everyone at Headway and on here for all the support. Reading the posts helps me so much.

Yes many many thanks even if I did have a wobble at the changes!

Hear hear! Thank you Headway for all you do for the brain-injured community. Good on you Cat3 for suggesting this, typical of your nature on this forum and no doubt in life too! Happy New Year to you and to everyone connected through Headway. :)

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Thank you so much Cat and everyone else!

It's been great to see the friendships that have grown on here over the last year, and we all learn so much from the experiences you share and support you give.

A big happy new year and thank you to all of you :-)


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