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Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Headway

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We'd like to thank you for all you amazing support over 2015 and for making this such a friendly, welcoming and informative forum.

Our helpline is closed until 4th January, but you can check contact numbers for NHS services and The Samaritans on our website:

We'll also be on hand moderating this site and although our responses may be slightly slower than usual, we'll try to answer any questions as soon as we can.

Best wishes from the Headway team.

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Thank you. I would also like to wish you and all at the Headway Team a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2015. This forum is brilliant for connecting us with each other - those who have a bi or those who care for or know someone who has. In a world where there is scant understanding or often acceptance especially if it is the invisible bi this forum is the place to be.

THANKYOU! indeed withiut this forum and "real life" support i would have gone quite mad! have a lovely time and put youre feet up you have earnt it!

And to you Caroline ......I phoned you but forgot the date so have left a message.........oops :-) Shirley xx

Thank you for the forum.

As both Strawberrycream and Razyheath have said it is a lifeline for many of us.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season.

Love and lots of hugs


Thank you Headway team, Ill be seeing you next year.

And a huge thank you to all at Headway (especially Vicky) and all our community members from me also. Make it a good one for all, and dont bump your heads on anything :-(

Shirley x x

A very big thankyou to all your staff for the fantastic work you do.

All the very best for the new year!

And it's a great big Thank-you from me. Sincere best wishes for Christmastime and the coming year for all those of you behind the scenes ! Cat x

Merry Christmas to all at Headway!


All been said, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Headway staff

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