Yesterday was the penultimate session to my other disabled group Dis-play and they had a Christmas theme, they even had a karaoke machine complete with a DJ haha. I was actually singing!!



Usually I keep the singing inside me bonce :). Well, I was egged to go up and sing and I wasn't by myself either, I had someone else who was SUPPOSED to be a backup singer haha. So I didn't feel so out of place and it was all for fun so any broken windows wouldn't have come out of my wallet :).

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  • Tagged story time :).

    DISABLED and SHOCK. Let's see what I can conjure up this time :).

    "One fine day, I was walking through the local park. I saw another DISABLED person staggering past me, I was SHOCKED. The end".

    Short and sweet, like me, but also kind of random and creative :).

  • I wrote SHOCKED. The word was SHOCK. What I should have said was I walked past the DISABLED bloke and I was in SHOCK. I don't know why, I just was haha.

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