Matt's game got me thinking about introducing this. Puzzles shall be given! Maybe I'll do some sort of scoreboard...

Here we go...QUESTION 1;

When asked about her birthday, a young

woman gives the following information;

"The day after tomorrow, I turn 22, but I was still

19 on New Year's Day last year."

When is her birthday?

I have 3 hints if everybody gets stuck.

Good luck!

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2nd of January :)


Glad my game got your juices flowing (so to speak). Your cranial juices :).

My answer, 2nd January.


29th February!


Pfffft, that one took me ages to do. 2nd Jan is right.


Nice one, took some thinking. At first I wasn't too sure of the answer and thought it could be the 29th Feb, but now I thought about the answer more and made sense of it :).

Narmy still beat me to it though.


Barny not Narmy, bloody auto correct.


They call me 'rain-man' ;)


I used to love problem solving before my injury, now it is so much harder. I think if it was on the 2nd, only two years would be displaced, and 22 - 19 is 3. I'm thinking maybe leap year Feb 29, 2015, but I'm probably wrong.


For me problem solving is hard, because it requires memory. Being able to remember future theoretical events events in my mind, is what I have so much trouble doing. Although the birthday is in the past, to solve this problem w/o paper requires you to both remember her age now, your solving technique, and also the effect dates will have on the future answer. Combine that wt some my problem solving difficulty, and it gets really tricky. Thanx for the cranial exercise :)


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