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Should I go back to GP

Just completed list for of what I went through for the first 20+ years following my TBI as the cognitive therapist wants to help me improve my cognitive problems

I am just wondering what state my brain is in ( I cannot recall any scans etc at the time of my accident 50yrs ago ) should I go to my GP and discuss this with him or ask the Cognitive Therapist to refer me to a specialist

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I had cognitive tests performed in2011 just after my accident, and I thought I would be back to work soon as nobody had told me otherwise. How wrong I was haha. I recently asked my GP to refer back to neuropsychologist, which she did, two months later referral came back saying they only take consultant referrals, so we are paying privately to see somebody. I live in East Sussex and services are not great here. I would perhaps first contact your local neurological centre and speak to the secretary of neuropsychologist and ask the protocol for referrals. It would save us so much time. her answer was 'money talks' !!!


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