Should I still be taking Citalopram?

Last February I had a stroke mimic and since neither my GP or hospital could find a cause they put it down to stress/anxiety. I was put on Citalopram 20mg. I know that I am quite an anxious person and worry a lot. But no one seems to be monitoring or asking questions about whether I still need Citalopram now. So I have stayed on it regardless. But I do wonder whether I should be taking it long term or not. Or should I go back to my GP and ask. What do you think please?

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  • Sorry m'dear, can you clarify whether you mean Feb.2016 or this year ? x

  • Sorry, I meant Feb 2016.

  • It's mainly your decision Icd.

    If you're not having unpleasant side effects and you feel the Citalopram is improving your quality of life, or keeping certain symptoms at bay, then there's no reason to stop them.

    However, if you haven't felt any benefit in over a year then there's little point in continuing. But you need to speak with your GP before making any changes as coming off them needs to be phased.

    Discontinuing them suddenly can cause withdrawal sypmtoms which can, for some people, be quite unpleasant.

    Hope this helps a bit m'dear. xx

  • A little PS.........

    There's no time limit on taking antidepressants (re your original question).

    I've taken them for most of my life and research has proved them beneficial for recovery from brain injury. x

  • Thanks so much Cat. That's really helpful and I appreciate your advice.

    Lulu x

  • :-) xx

  • leave this one to you cat, i hate anti depressents.

  • Your GP must be signing repeat prescriptions for you, and usually repeat medication like this is reviewed regularly, I know my GP reviews all my repeat medication with me personally every six months, to ensure all is ok. So I would hope this is being done for you.

    If yo need reassurance make an appointment and go and ask the question.

    Janet x

  • Okay thanks Janet

  • Something else you could do, most pharmacies offer a medication review service. Make an appointment and have a chat with the pharmacist. They can tell you the good and bad points of citalopram and you can make up your mind after having all the information. Like Cat, my husband has been on this drug for quite some time without any problems at all.

  • Thanks very much exhaustedwife.

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