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other symptoms

serious strain and pain as well on my neck still have clumbsiness cant hold conversation for long mind drifts off still forget what I am doing. muscle cramps in head takes longer to do things, quick tempered. when i use to be very long tempered and lovely caring nature. still caring though and very very honest person. doing anthing for other people despite my problems. feel there is a restriction to blood flow in my face and scalp bad circulation and massage it frequently. lack of motivation and very sensitive to cold for yaers since accident. weakness in my right hand and muscle strain to shoulder. all still. paranoid about facial appearance.droopy eye.

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Did you ever find answers or relief?


Oh dear, not good for you. One thing I can advise on re prob when cold. Doctor put me on nifedipine to help. Doesn't fix it totally , I'm sure it would if I could be bothered to get dosage right, can't . It's for raynolds which I never had before crash. That may help a bit. It makes the blood flow faster I think lol it may be worth a try as it could help with a few of them problems. Obvi I don't know but it might be worth asking. Helped my brain x


Oh just seen this was two years ago. Why this showing me this now sorry


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