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What does HealthUnlocked mean to you?


We know how valuable the HealthUnlocked community can be for brain injury survivors. We'd like to know what the forum means to you, so please share your thoughts in the comments.

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It has meant a means to connect with professionals and others who know my problems.

There is invaluable advice given.

Healthunlocked bridges or plugs gaps left by the NHS.

It has also provided me with friendships.


It is a place where one can share their own experience and worries and desire to know more about the world of a life with a BI. My most recent find is the topic of neuroplasticity.

We are all in the same boat and it is an unwanted journey for most who find themselves on it.

It is less now, since I’ve moved though the Grieving cycle, but in the early days just after I learnt a lot had a lot of support. Built up my confidence before contacted my local Headway group.

I'm not a brain injury survivor, I'm a carer for my wife who suffered a tbi December of last year. Like many I spent the agonising hours sitting in Critical Care, the dread of the phone ringing, the constant restless nights and the overwhelming despair looking for answers concerning tbi recovery. Joining the site gave me the best advice possible, it came from those who survived, recovered and from those who cared for their loved ones. Information from professionals is naturally cautionary, information from those on the forum is priceless.

This site has given me the hope to move forward, the knowledge to recognise the symptoms and problems as being part of recovery from an aneurysm. More recently there was a post about having an advocate for a PIP assessment - I have now found someone to help me. Having had 2 procedures for coiling - one last Easter and one last October I am still in the early days for recovery. Thanks to the lovely people on this site I know I have a long way to go and importantly - Don't give up! Patience and endurance are my watch words.

I'm a carer for my partner and health unlocked is valuable to me, to be able to understand and help my partner, more so in the early days of his tbi, but still helpful now.

When I was first diagnosed with a brain condition I felt really alone. It was before the internet and online forums. Naively I thought I was on my own with this, especially since I was a teenager at the time. HealthUnlocked and the other forum I joined have helped me realise there are loads of us in exactly the same position and I can't tell you how thankful I am for the opportunity to connect with people that know where I am coming from. It is also useful to share thoughts and experiences with those who truly understand - difficult unless you are a sufferer yourself. Without forums like HealthUnlocked the world would be a worse place for BI sufferers

Lulu x.

The term/words ‘health unlocked’ suggest to me that health has been locked, been shut away or even suppressed.

A website/forums like these I find can be useful for spreading information because I personally think our general health is getting worse

I would have thought that people come to these forums in finding ways to improve their health or health of family member.

Headway were the first people / group, to understand what I was explaining after a TBI. The forum is a good place because other users are in a similar situation and understand what you are talking about. It's a good place to find information and also share information that has been of some help. You can let off steam and have a rant and a few days later you can help someone who is doing the same.

It’s somewhere I can go for advice and where people understand you. It’s that simple

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