What are your biggest achievements in 2016?

For the final issue of Headway News this year, we'd like celebrate some of our members' achievements throughout 2016.

It could be anything, big or small: From finding a way to cope with fatigue to getting back to work, taking on a fundraising challenge or sharing your story. Every achievement is personal and special in its own right.

In no more than 50 words, let us know what you've achieved in 2016 and we'll use some of the comments in our magazine.

Thank you as always for your help!

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  • Being a very supportive friend to family/friends and three close friends.

    Two suffering TBI's one on 18th September and the second on 1st October in two separate hit and run accidents and the third suffering a hypoxic brain injury after a cardiac arrest on 19th October 2016.


  • Finishing 4th lap blanket for local hospice,4 muffs for Alzheimer's patients.

    Coping with a long delay in registering for volunteering.

    Creating my own technique to get to sleep and 3of the 4 people I've told about it say it's great the other one hasn't tried.

    Oh yes getting my licence back with no restrictions.

    Here's to next year.

  • Just remembered something else.

    Not so much an achievement but more of a light bulb or penny finally dropping moment.

    The realisation AT LONG LAST that when I ruin a saucepan I don't have to buy a set of them. Simply get one the size I destroyed.


  • If you mean by ruin that tou burn it totally black. Empty it then fill it with cold water then add a load of salt. Leave it to soak overmight. Next day clean it with hot soapy water and give it a scrub with a brillo? Whatever you use and it should come up like new good luck. x

  • Thanks Jon

    I had tried soaking the first few times but forgot the salt. Will try it next time.

    Love n hugs


  • After four years of playing safe for fear of something unknown, and keeping close to home, I decided there wasn't actually anything to fear except fear itself.

    So I gritted my teeth and drove over to York from Cheshire, a 90 mile motorway drive, which proved to me that I'm still competent and able to escape my comfort zone.

    It was empowering ; so much so that a few weeks later I did another 100 mile round trip to the seaside to spend a glorious day on the beach with my grandson..............followed soon afterwards by another trip to York.

    There will always be 'off' days, but it's looking like life might still be there for the taking ! ;-)

  • life is still there for the taking , it just has to be the right day

    still lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • wonder if the brain injury association of Missouri has seen it they have a good web site

  • Hello my darling !! How right you are.

    Hope it's the right day for you more often than not.... Always lovely to see you John.

    Cat xxxxxx

  • Getting over 125,000 folk to view my film 'Some People' and talking to people about their brain injuries from as afar afield as Sydney, Minnesota and Hull. More films followed and will continue to do so...

  • managed to stay alive long enough to write this post

  • Agree every night I think 'well I survived, try again tomorrow'. :):)


  • I walked the Pennine Way on my own over a couple of weeks in September for you guys. According to your 'Certificate' I raiced £1,708.59 Inc. Gift Aid. Trust you'll make good use of this fund. Cheers

  • I think I have had many small achievements that just turn into a big step forward.

    The big steps forward just happen, yes I go back on my bad days but in a way it makes me stronger.



  • Getting a certificate for volunteer of the year in Gosport as I am a service user mentor/volunteer for my Headway and next week I will be fundraising for Headway Portsmouth and South East Hampshire.

  • I found out that I had a brain injury, after ten years of wondering. I finished writing my memoir, "But I'm Not Depressed". I also had the concept of a series of information booklets for survivors, with full-colour art, to be published next year under the title "Brain Injury Warriors' Guild".

    50 words isn't much :(

  • This post has certainly had me counting my successes today. It is so easy to focus on what we can't do now or difficulties rather than the joys of our new beings. So what are my achievements? Obviously surviving and getting home was a biggy. But the more interesting ones include being able to sew and make clothes again. Adapting patterns and adjusting them. Some disasters and some odd clothes made too but most are as I wanted and wearable. Leading intercession prayers in church after 8 months of being in the congregation and not taking a lead role as previously and as of today driving again. Sewing and church make me who am and are very important to me. This post made me think about my plans and goals for next year too. Sewing an item of clothing without a paper pattern is definitely one of them. Leading a church service and maybe preaching again would be amazing. I also want to take part in a "colour obstacle rush" to raise money for some brain injury charity. We need to focus on what is right for each of us as individuals.

  • I had been planning on a trip to Australia just before my accident.

    This year 2 years on we did it, yes it was a long hard flight/airports but we not only managed it but enjoyed it, it was by no means certain, holidays are rather hit and miss now!

  • After a decade of debilitating fatigue switching GP who listened to what I was describing and referred me to a Respiratory consultant who monitored my blood oxygen level overnight and diagnosed Central Alveolar Hypoventilation (as a result of injury to the medulla) and now I am on oxygen and life is soo much better!

  • Coming to the realization that taking actions to make life better, no matter how small, keeps my mind off of the losses from the brain injury and improves the quality of my daily life.

  • It's lovely to see so many achievements in the replies. D'you know , I'm really struggling to think of anything significant, personally. I guess I'll get back to you in time ! x

  • My hubby going back to work,a brand new job! In the same feild though.Me starting work and getting onto second module of my Pyhscolgly degree.Realising that truma does change you and make you lok at life in a very differant way.Peer mentoring for Headway. Also being more "me" and playing on strenghs not my weakness! To anyone new to this forum,there Is hope and there is healing and there is support.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for your comments, it's great to see see the wide range of positives many of you have achieved over the last year. While there won't be space for all the comments in our magazine, we'll use a selection and let you know when it's launched.

    I think all the comments will be a big support for anyone browsing this forum, so thank you again.


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