I received a letter which was sent to my MP from Medical services saying that I am to be seen by a doctor in my home due to the small number of available suitably qualified Health Care Professionals in my area, so why did I get a letter telling me to go to an ATOS assessment centre, also my appointment was for the16th of may which was cancelled on the 7th I got the letter on the 9th, looks like they have either lied to an MP not a good idea or they don't know what they are doing, watch this space I have now given the details to my MP. on the14th the DWP wrote to me saying that I am in the WRAG, we are appealing this decision.

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  • Good luck Spartan, my dealings with the DWP and ATOS are still going on, 2 years now, my next assessment is bank holiday Monday, well see what happens then. They're determined to stop my ESA. I'm so tired of it now. If I could work I would, I really love my life as it is now, not !!!!!!

    I earned more too when I worked, it all makes sense doesn't it?

    I work all my life til I get viral encephalitis, spend 3 months in hospital , half of that time at deaths door, strive to walk and care for myself again, now I'm 61 and only have 15 months to go til I retire, enough now you get the drift!!!!!

  • Jesus wept, this is like Groundhog Day. This is almost an exact replica of one of my posts from last year on here. Lying to MPs, cancelling appointments, not knowing arses from elbows, etc. Yep, I've been there.

    On the bright side, I won eventually and I hope you have similar joy however long it takes. Very best wishes and good luck,


  • thank you I will pass your comment to my MP

  • I gave up, nil points. Well not quite, but not enough to qualify.

    Too stressful to carry on and then even when I got some hours working they still wanted me to go back and be tested.

    I don't envy anyone going thru the mill over and over.

  • I have two words NO SURRENDER.

  • Anyone used the Benefits and Work site? They have an ESA test at


  • I have been a member there for the last 3 years. There support guides are very good and well worth the money.

    The benefits news also gives a pretty good indication on how vindictive and incompetent the governments benefits policies are.

  • Thanks, just signed up for their newsletter to "test the water"


  • Well worth it is only around £15 a year if you contact them - they normally have discount codes

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