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What is the difference between a Nero psychologist and a cognitive counsellor


Hi as you are aware I am now receIve teatment for the after effect s of a life threatening TBI .50 years ago (Gp found hospital discharge notes by accident and was shocked by lack of care I recieved at the time)

I have had normal counselling (!waste ! of time ) and now seeing a Cognitive


The comment was made that I should perhaps see a neurological counsellor

What is the difference

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Not 100% sure but I assume that a neuro psychologist will be a clinical psychologist meaning 5 years plus training (medical degree) and will have chosen to specialise in brain injury. Usually they would assess where you are now compared to where you would be expected to be (if you didn't have a brain injury) and advise on what you might work on to stimulate the relevant part of the brain. They often run a whole battery of tests to see which bit of the brain isn't functioning so well.

I assume a counsellor has no medical training and is really getting you to talk rather than to assess you - have never actually heard of a "cognitive" counsellor though. I would have thought counselling is more for when you are trying to come to terms with where you are now rather than actually assessing where you are now.

Only my assumptions

If it is your GP that is referring you - get them to explain why they are referring you the person they are and if that doesn't achieve what you want tell them what you want so a better referral can be made

Sorry not sure how much sense that makes

Good luck x

Neuropsychologists lead you to your cognitive counselor. Neuropsychologists are not md's they are phds in psychology who basically took a set of extra classes focusing on the brain while they were in school. Neuropsychologists test and diagnose, cognitive counselors treat.

There are literally hundreds of counselling styles. However you can identify five groups.

Psychodynamic which is about your hidden self accessed via dreams and hidden meaning in what you say or do (Freud / jung etc).

Person Centred or humanistic which is about helping you to tap into your own strengths and find out your own solutions that are right for you.

Behavioural which works with you to change how you do things.

Cognitive which helps you to think about issues in a more beneficial way ( CBT is a well known example).

Inteegrative is a style that mixes all of the above.

A neuropsychologist is a specialist medical doctor who is trained in brain injury and counselling too. Via their assessment and talks with you they would be best placed to identify a course of treatment.

I hope you are able to find a way forward to greater well being.

Best wishes.

Neuropsychologists are not medical doctors, they are phds in psychology who have taken extra courses in neurology.

sospan in reply to Negeen

Not necessarily they can be both

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