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What is the recovery time?


Last August, August 2016, I was in a rollover car accident that resulted in a permanent disability for me. I had a stroke and the right side of my body is unusable. I had a traumatic brain injury. My cranioplasty to replace the skull piece was on December 5. It is now March 2017 and I am still experiencing a lot of fatigue and headaches every few days. I make some meals by myself but on most days I feel really out of it. My physical therapist said that healing is nonlinear and I certainly have experienced that. Do I seem okay or is there something wrong? I'd like to get a sense of how long it takes to recover from a TBI and cranioplasty. I wish you all the best of luck.

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It depends what you mean by recover. Unfortunately very few people return to how they were pre brain injury. A brain injury does not have a recovery time like a broken bone or operation. The brain does not regenerate, any damage to the brain resulting in trauma or loss, I have areas of my brain that have died, consequently the extent to which you can recover depends on your brains ability to rewire itself to accomplish lost abilities.

That will mean a lot of work practising those lost abilities.

The fatigue, again is an unknown I can still be easily fatigued 5 years on but I manage that fatigue much better now.

Take care and be patient xxx you are doing fine x


Ecojackie in reply to Kirk5w7

Thank you. Take care. --jackie

Jackie ............do you seem ok, or is there something wrong ? I'd say you're doing brilliantly ! Only 3+ months on from a cranioplasty and you're making meals, despite a one-sided paralysis.

So you've started off with a positive attitude, which is the best possible aid to recovery. And the headaches and fatigue are the 'must have' symptoms after any brain injury. For me, after a haemorrhage, the headaches were persistent for around 6 months after the event and now, 5 years on, I could still sleep round the clock if I allowed myself to.

You'll learn ways of coping with the exhaustion by alternating between activity and rest breaks ; it can take a while to accept the new regime after a lifetime of 'normality' as recovery from brain injury has limitations.

It's good you've found us m'dear ; I hope we can help you adapt to your limitations, to the point where life looks pretty much ok ! Best wishes, Cat x

Thank you so much.

That seems better than okay, remember that's a big injury to get.

The time frame people tend to use is 2 years but it's far more fluid than previously thought.

Non linear is correct does jump at times, my balance for example jumped once I saw a Nero physo.

And some things can effect fatigue more than others, for example gone out to my local Headway's social lovely meal out chatting to folks, great fun, but shattered now been asleep on the sofa for a few hours. But another day I can drive for hours with out being that tired etc.

As others have said - you're doing fine. How long is recovery ? Just how long is that piece of string ?? :-) We are all different and our bodies are different. Listen to your body - try to find things that are helpful and try to disregard those that are not.

Take care :-)

Thank you!

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