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Sorry, but I have another question! I sometimes wake up feeling hot/flushed with a fast pulse rate, usually it's from a dream after a couple of hours - from REM sleep I'm guessing. Anyone, else experience this? My heart beat returns to normal but it's disconcerting. At first I thought it was the valerien I'd taken but I remember I've had it with Nytol too... could it be my bed I wonder, it's a memory foam one.

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  • This is something I do experience occasionally and it can be quite puzzling & also a bit scary the first few times. I agree that it probably results from the contents of a dream which isn't remembered but which was sufficiently emotive to quicken the pulse.

    I doubt there's a connection with your mattress but you might try monitoring it without the valerian/Nytol for a while just for elimination purposes.

    If you're still concerned, your GP could probably explain it better than I have !

  • Thanks. I've had some blood tests today including for thyroid so maybe they will shed some light.

  • Good. Keep us updated with the results. :-/

  • Still waiting to hear about the results of my blood tests, seeing new GP Wednesday so hopefully he'll have them. Want to make sure my thyroid is ok. Sleep is still terrible, partly I think due to the tinnitus I now have since my accident, got about 2 hours last night :-( Good news is my stamina is improving I can walk further without feeling weird and I feel more like my old self...just the damn sleep issues.

  • good news about your stamna and walking - its great when you get those 'I feel more like my old self' times ,very morale boosting. Good luck with blood/thyroid results. If you are prescribes thyroxine, they are not big pills, just remember to take them as prescribed. I bought myself one of these 7 day, pill holders, any chemist should stock them and depending on whether you are told to take it morning or nightime, just put it where you will see it at the right time of day. I fill mine weekly - at least the empty compartments let me know I've taken it or not depending on whether I'm in a rush or something and forget.

  • Thanks guys. Finally got my blood test results and apart from very slightly low iron doc says it was fine. Going back to see him Tuesday as I really need to get some proper sleeping med, the Nytol isn't working as well and making my eyes dry out badly. I need to arrange a bone test with him too as the cat scan I had last month revealed a 1 cm abnormality in my skull, they think its just calcified bone but... Also, going to try for some melatonin sups, not sure the doc will comply on this one lol. Ahhh, to sleep, I used to look forward to it. I hear it gets better as time passes.

  • It is possibly from what your dreaming. If you have had any traumatic experiences in life, they may now br revealing themselves. If you think that's the case I reccomend emdr therapy.

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