I wondered if I was the only person on the planet who suffers from permanent Micropsia after a hypoxia brain injury.

There's not much information online and the only article I've found is here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro...

Does anyone on here suffer from this condition ? It is very hard to live with and it is really affecting my social life!


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  • I have had many visual problems since having my tumour removed but not micropsia. It sounds horrendous. Have you spoken to any health professionals about it?

  • Hi it is very disturbing my vision was normal before the injury. The neurologist said that he had only met two people in 30 years who had the same problem. I saw a neurologist in London who deals with vision and he said my brain is tricking me and that I'm in a permanent state of hallucination! His advice to me was to get an iPad, which I had anyway!

    Thanks for your reply. David

  • Hi David, I'd never heard of this condition til your post brought it to my attention. It must be very frustrating for you, and I am so very sorry you are having to deal with this. My vision has been impaired by my BI but nothing like you are dealing with. I do hope you get more help with this and I am sorry I can't be of assistance, but I just wanted you to know my best wishes go out to you. love Janet xxx

  • It is awful! Thanks for your reply Janet it means a lot

  • Ditto Janet. One of the most helpful things about this forum is that suddenly you can feel that you're not alone any more. None of us probably shares an identical set of challenges...but we do share many of the same frustrations and fears. Hang on in there. Knock on wood. Find something to laugh at now and again (easier said than done but there are some nice funny stories recounted on this forum - the lost banana one sticks in my memory!) Good luck David.

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Your right it's good to talk to people in similar situations. I do appreciate what I've got. All the best!


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