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What a pleasant community!

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I've only been here a couple of weeks but already I have am so much more aware of why I'm like I am and may I say that we're all bonkers together!

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You may indeed Charly, and I for one accept it in the affectionate manner I'm sure it's intended ! :p

Hope your doing OK. xx

Oh I'm definitely bonkers! It does help to get through the day I find.

Along with frustration, laughter has been a daily occurance usually due to something I ve said that makes no sense or done something daft like pug the car keys in the fridge, or been looking everywhere for my specs only to be told I'm wearing them!!

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Sorry, I used to be able to laugh at it all but not any more: coz of stress/overload am doing so much more stupid and dangerous stuff.

This evening v tired and 'on auto' went to turn heater on in shower room as I had to all the winter months (coz 10C in home/there), but derr: it's summer now, don't need to.

And this morning started to put hair removing cream on toothbrush coz (stupidly) not concentrating = was in mega panic mode, too many things SHOULD do but which to do, felt sick and heart going, nearly crying. Then sort of came to and thought/saw/realised. Left cream out coz otherwise forget to do it just BEFORE having a shower,keep seeing it AFTER so gets forgotten day after day = week+.

And the awful dithering, thinking through treacle is worse and wandering around tied tiny tidy today. WHAT am I holding, WHERE to put it/file it? And on the ay to try do that see something else that needs doing and do that. get distracted.

Don't know how long I tried to tidy/sort today but over an hour and felt proud but it doesn't look like I've done anything = still chaotic mess. And if I leave untidy long enough I know where some things are = learn where are then tidy and not there and can't remember where I put them = even if sort of logical.

And one or 2 things SOMETIMES can be funny but way too much all the time = NOT funny for me, sorry. HATE living like this.

In my old home (before camped there while things stayed in storage) things had been in places for AGES and I knew them from BEFORE ABI. And knew kitchen and how everything worked (sort of). Trying to learn all NEW things, different things,keep having to move = NIGHTMARE for me/people like me.

Need to stay put, have help create storage etc. fits me/us. And EASY instructions/how to use = everything, still no TV and not even had energy to try mini oven I was given = too exhausted.

Hi Charly,

I have never taken myself too seriously and have certainly found humour a plus after illness.Had a mad dance to the Sex Pistols 'Pretty Vacant' last week at my local-it just felt so appropriate ! : )

I think being merrily bonkers is the main secret to getting through, and of course it is hugely infectious as well as effective. After all as we all know too well, life is far too short to spend it worrying and whining, what-if-ing and if-only-ing, none of which ever produce any positive effects in us or others around us.

I actually think we should celebrate our random moments of bonkersness-after all it is what makes us so lovingly unique!

Having said that am so glad I am not the only one who loses things she is wearing or holding....

Yep, bonkers is good! I heartily embrace bonkershood with both hands and hang on tight!


Hi chaley

Yes I agree, but to put it a way, others understand We are incredibly unique and extrodinarry people. welcome😃

Hi Charly.

Yes, we sure are bonkers! Welcome to the site!

Yesterday, I was on a bus, and the lady in front of me, was sitting with a twisted bra strap (falling out at the side of her sleeveless dress). Of course, I couldn't leave it, so I asked her if she minded me straightening it.

She was actually very pleased!

As we were getting off the bus, I noticed the strap on the other side was twisted. I told myself not to bother, but, sure enough, I went and straightened her out again! (It's not like I knew her either)

I was never like this before my TBI, and now that I am cockeyed, I am very meticulous about everything being just 'so so'!

Strange hey. I would have expected to become untidy, and a bit skew whiff, instead of the other way round.

If I see something out of place in my house, I will not leave it till I have tidied it!

Anyone else had this strange thing happen?

Debs 😀😉

sounds very familiar to me! mind you I'm nuts!

He he he!!! So am I!!

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Yes Debs I can relate to that, except it isn't just my house. I took a friend to visit her sister last week & was invited in. The friend had lots of pictures on the walls..................none of them perfectly level so after 10 mins or so I found myself straightening them all.

Fortunately she found it hilarious ; my friend not so much. :o

Maybe it's our attempt to restore order in our brains. xx

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Nutkin33 in reply to cat3

Pictures are especially annoying! Yes, I think it must be. Thanks xx

Hi Charly,

I'm glad you are enjoying this community of blithering idiots... Joke :).

I wish I knew of this commnity much earlier in life really.


Bonkers is fine with me! Its nice to know that im not alone in my little world of anaesthetic patches, pregabalin induced clumsiness, forgetfulness and looking like a dafty when i cant remember the names of items even when i know what they are but i just cant find the word. Yes youre right i do sound bonkers !

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