I feel stupid

Hi everyone

I missed the tv 'New Brain' programme on Sunday.

I know you have been discussing it here on Headway. I tried to get my computer to play it and it went to a BBC iplayer ? It tried to play but stopped and got stuck after about 30 seconds.

Does anyone have an easy link or advice - can it be sent to me somehow. I seem to be very stupid on the computer these days. So hear tbreaking and it makes me so sad.



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  • Hi jules.

    Bit ironic the I-player freezing and not working considering the subject.

    Not seen it yet. Maybe tomorrow.


  • Hi Paxo

    Yes it is ironic - you know i had my head in hands watching the whirling cursor going around on the head in the frozen picture - it did feel like how my brain feels.

    I will try again tomorrow then.

    I dont have an 'iplayer' thing though - just my computer, it did seem as if it wanted to play. God i am so dim.


  • hi jules have you tried bbc iplayer on your tv?

    you didnt miss much, rubbish really

    welcome to the forum


  • Hi Steve

    I have just been 'chatting' to Cat on the forum about it.

    After reading all the comments here about the programme i might have to agree with you without even seeing it.

    What hit me was this forum has people of all backgrounds, severity of injury and a broad spectrum of personality. It provides a view on any matter brain related that is reached due to experiencing first hand the consequences of the particular type/severity of brain injury. There are no highly paid celebrities giving a view, just real people but all have one thing in common.

    I said to Cat that the presenter should be reading this forum if he wants to tap into the full picture of brain injury survival.


  • It's not you who is stupid Jules it's the technology that didn't work properly. For some reason things often don't download properly and like for you they get stuck. You are not alone on this and I don't think it's got anything to do with us and our bi's! Don't have a downer about yourself about it.

  • Oh hi there again Strawberry !

    Did you pick 'StrawberryCream' because you happen to like it ?

    I have read too many things today and i am easily confused right now.

    Did i read you said you have problems with your sight Strawberry ?

    Thank you for your kind words, i read somewhere today that a woman with a brain injury is still as intelligent as she was, she just has problems applying herself (or something like that). That made me smile, because it is how you feel inside (for me anyway, or its how i was feeling). Its a good bit of description isn't it.

    I'm a bit edgy at the moment because i am due to go back to Walkergate hospital to start trauma therapy. Ive had therapy before, but this one is to get me to go back to the accident to recall. It starts next thursday. I wish my mum was around to go with me. Its just another road in the recovery stages I know.

    Anyway, drop me a line if you feel up to it.



  • Hi jules, I'm sure it's a problem that can be solved with w little help. Try again tomorrow. N xx

  • Hope your still there. Just seen it is being repeated on BBC2 at 11.15pm tonight.

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Jules. I don't have a special App for BBCi. I just Google BBCi then select a site showing 'Catch-up' and choose the programme when the choices appear.

    If your page was buffering ( continuous spinning circle) it suggests you might have lost your internet signal & gone off line. When that happens to me I refresh the page or go back to the home page & start again.

    It's frustrating I know but nothing to do with stupidity ; just one of the annoying aspects of internet use.

    Another thing you could try in future would be to Google the title of the programme and see if an option to watch it on YouTube comes up. xxx

  • Try this link Jules ; hope it works. xx

  • hi jules did you see this morning , this morning , the bloke is playing someone who has a bi after a car crash caused by his brother. his research was done with survivors of bi and their families.......as a result of this role he is an ambassador for headway.

    he said at the end of the interview that, although we may look normal, there are things going on inside that people dont see and cant understand.

    good luck to him and thanks


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