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Last night I had my birthday party over in UK. It turned out much better that I thought. Thanks so much to my family for all their efforts.

I had a party in South Africa when I went out for my holiday last month, but I have to say that this party was more fun. I had 10 friends from Headway, as well as friends from the Sheltered Housing, my neighbors, and of course, my close friends and my precious family.

We danced, and ate lots of birthday cake, and I got lots of presents, and a huge card that everybody wrote in, which I've stuck up on my wall.

I don't think I I'll ever forget my 50ith party! What an occasion!!!

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  • Happy 50th birthday Nutkin33. It is lovely to hear of your birthday celebrations. So pleased you very much enjoyed yourself with your family, friends, neighbours, and those very important Headway friends. X

  • Happy birthday. Glad you had a nice time :)

  • So glad it was such a success Debs. Parties can be a bit of a lottery but when you get the right people together it can be the best feeling ever.

    Best wishes again on your 50th. x :-/

  • Delighted you had a great time celebrating your birthday in both countries. Start of your fabulous 50s. A party would be a nightmare for me but glad you had fun!

  • Hi Nutkin, Happy 50th and glad you enjoyed your party.K

  • Glad you had a great time and happy birthday

    Emma x

  • Thank you so much everyone!

  • Happy 50th birthday, really pleased it was a great success, glad you enjoyed both parties :)

  • Happy birthday to you!

    I celebrated my birthday on 17th with my family. A quiet day on 18th remembering my dad and grandad, and this morning I started the day with some birthday cake :) I love birthdays :)

  • All I ate yesterday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, was carrot cake from my party. Today I think I'd better eat sensibly!

  • Happy Birthday to you...I am glad you have a good time celebrating with family and friends

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