Sharing my story- Headway Magazine and Pick Me Up magazine!

Hi everyone,

I've not visited the site for a while so apologies to anyone who's tried to get hold of me!

I've recently featured in the Headway National News Magazine you can read my story at:

Also, I'm being featured in Pick Me Up magazine on the week the 20th March or 22nd I cant remember. The story is about how I've found love after my brain Injury with my brain injury survivor boyfriend.

Love and Peace,


4 Replies

  • Love your story Lizzie!!! A great reminder that there is always hope!!!

    Sending much love and positive energy!!!

  • Very well done Eliza on your many achievements. What a truly inspirational lady. Keep on striding forward and getting all that you want from life. :-)

    Love from Cat xxx

  • I will keep my eyes peeled for that issue of Pick Me Up, I'm delighted for you. Finding love is hard enough without a brain injury! x

  • haha too right

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