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My first Fundraising efforts for Headway

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I suffered a serious brain injury in March 2009. I was hit by a car while walking on the path home with my girlfriend (whos my wife now). I am 4 years down the line and no closer to getting compensation. I am married to the most incredible person i know and also have an amazing daughter, they keep me pushing forward, i just hope i dont drag them back to much. I fractured my skull, smashed my eye socket and fractured my neck. I have diffuse axonal injury mainly focused on my right frontal lobe.

I am now training to run my first 10 Kilometre Run on behalf of headway at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival on Sat 25 May 2013.

Starting and finishing near EMF Hub at Dynamic Earth this beautiful scenic route takes you around Holyrood Park in the heart of Edinburgh. The route offers stunning views of Edinburgh Castle and panoramic views of the city.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Please visit my fundraising page and share with your friends and family through Facebook, twitter or email.

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im not being funny mate did you do anything for charity before your accident ?

(that question is a personal study of mine)

and not to sound rude im afraid due to the economic climate and the non existent money tree that Cameron speaks off theres nothing left in my very limited pot ..after the great humanitarian Ian Duncan Smith keeps helping himself to... and i think you should be aiming your charity efforts to people who can afford the odd £1000 here and there instead of taking money off people your trying to help .. and i wouldn't trust anybody asking for a few quid on the net anyway !

all the best Paul

as regards to giving money pre disability i didn't, but i support headway with whatever i can spare, which isn't as much as i would like these days.

i wish you all the best with it :), i was never a running type person prior to being in a wheelchair, so at least i now have an excuse not to run :)

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I'd definately like to run for Headway even though i've never depended on them, what they do is really commendable and they rely on our support. If you think about the financial needs of a brain injured person and their family, they trump the financial needs of people with every other condition. Charities like headway need more financial support than any other IMO.

I don't know who would sponsor me though, I don't have any friends or anything. Anyway the thought counts at least.

Hiya folks,

Thanks for comments, support & positivity.

To clarify I didn't mean it to come across as wanting money was more support in raising profile and awareness by sharing the fundraiser with friends and family.

I have not done running before a few weeks ago but before my brain injury played a lot of Football a sport I resent now... Running is helping me with my moods depression and sleep. My family felt I needed focus an so charity runs has given me that. A sense of purpose and value I've been craving. It's not for everyone as we are all different but after a lot of failed ideas this seems to work for me.

As far as charity stuff I think I used to sponsor friends and family for close to home causes an I did the movember thing but that's about it.

Since my accident I have had my best friend lose an arm in a work accident and other things with family so now I have a strong support for charity even if its only spreading the word.

Antonym I would sponsor you if I had some spare £s and the charity makes sense. We may not all be friends but we do have connection like it or not.

If it wasn't for this forum I'd feel lost and lonely as far as my brain injury. I can thank the forum enough for letting me cross paths with people who can relate too x

It's lovely what you are doing, I understand the need to want to help those that have helped you!

I am walking in June to raise money for the hospital who gave me a second chance

I will happily go to your page straightaway sorry it can't be much but good luck, take care, Linda xx

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Hello allsorted,

Thank you so much for choosing to raise money for us in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10K run. The support of our runners and the people who sponsor them makes a huge difference to our charity, helping us to run and develop our services across the country and provide support more people who are affected by brain injury.

Best of luck with this and I hope your training goes well - do keep us up-to-date with your progress, and just get in touch if you need any support from us.

Best wishes,


Thank you and imparticular jigsaw for your generosity x

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Jigsaw in reply to Allsorted

No need to thank me, take care and please keep us up to date with your training xx

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