Do You Need to Be Brain Damaged? Tour Goes to Czech

Do You Need to Be Brain Damaged? Tour Goes to Czech

This week I took my talk mixing experiences of brain damage with open source development to a conference in Brno in the Czech Republic. Many nice comments from audence members about how they liked the talk. Nice to be able to educate people.

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  • Oh well done. That's so awesome that you managed to share your experience!

  • good job spreading the word

  • good on you JR - do you think people really do understand the effects of a BI if they haven't had one themseves though? Perhaps should come and do a talk in France also, if the answer is yes!

  • I'm not sure people really get it but if you don't try they never will! I think it's a lot like trying to explain to people who think that depression (something many of us here have experience of) is just a manifestation of a weak will that there really is something chemically wrong in your brain.

    In my experience people who don't want to understand (two of my brothers, for instance) can't be made to understand but there are also people out there who want to - and it's those people you're really trying to reach out to.

    You know that thing you think with? The incredibly complex human brain with billions upon billions of neural connections, which rely on the effective transmission of electrical impulses through healthy brain tissue? Yes, well guess what? Mine was damaged by bruising and blood getting where it shouldn't. That totally changed the way I was able to think about things since I had to learn to do things in new ways.

    That's kind of easy. Explaining the subtleties is the hard part I guess, certainly for me.

    I watched most of one you posted earlier though JR, and I really liked what you said about needing more brain power to do stuff now. It puts it on a level people might actually be able to grasp, even if that comprehension is far from perfect. I think understanding that there is a fundamental difference in how the rehabilitating/repaired brain functions is the first step for people who don't "get" it.

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